Fastrax - there must be a catch??!! - khwalker
Has anyone used the company on the internet called 'Fastrax' to purchase a new / nearly new vehicle? If so how did it go?

Would you recommend buying a car from them as I have found that they are significantly cheaper than buying the car I want from a dealer.

There must be a catch can some please let me know??!!

Fastrax - there must be a catch??!! - DavidHM
Got a URL?

What's the car and the deal? Some deals aren't unrepeatable, just damn good, even when they're not ono offer at your local dealer.
Fastrax - there must be a catch??!! - khwalker
The URL is

The car is the MX-5 limited edition Nevada with leather. In the dealer on the road the price is £16,995 and at Fastrax it is £14,995 on the road.

I am trying to decide between this model and the MGTF 135 as I can get 20% off the list price of the MG.
Fastrax - there must be a catch??!! - DavidHM
I'd go for the Mazda; it's a better balanced, more complete car in my opinion. It should hold its value better and is a little less hairdressery, as well as being more reliable.

The Fastrax cars are apparently in stock, so you can inspect one, check the VIN with Mazda and make sure it is UK supplied with full warranty. It almost certainly will be, less a bit for the fact that these cars are likely to be delivery mileage pre-registered, almost certainly less than 3 months old.

Of course, Fastrax may not do part exchange, or if they do, they are highly unlikely to give you an overallowance. Even so, you weren't going to get £2k out of your local dealer.

If you're worried, ask their local Trading Standards about them. They won't explicitly call them, or anyone else, a bunch of crooks, but they may intimate that they are aware of a company and leave you to draw your own conclusions. (Not that I have anything to suggest problems with Fastrax). Pay the deposit by credit card and you're laughing.
Fastrax - there must be a catch??!! - khwalker
I have just had some more information from Fastrax and they have notified me that the £14995 includes 1 years road tax and everything else that I would get from the dealer.
Come on there must be a catch somewhere or at least someone who has purchased a vehicle through them before???

Please help.
Fastrax - there must be a catch??!! - TrevP
My advice is 2 fold:-

1) Do not even think about the MGF compared with the MX-5

2) Importers offer half the saving of 12 months ago.

I would go for an MX-5 from a broker dealing in "best price" UK Dealer price.

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