Volvo V70 Fan Problems. - AP
I own a T5 estate 2.3 2000 w reg. Yesterday the cooling fan would not stop running even when the ignition off, and it eventually drained the battery. The only way to stop it is to pull the plug apart. Does anybody know how to fix it without taking it to a expensive garage? Thanks.

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Volvo V70 Fan Problems. - Aprilia
I had this on a BMW I owned a few years ago. It was the fan relay stuck closed. Try to locate the fan relay and remove it. Alternatively it could be the coolant fan temp. switch stuck closed, although in my experience they usually stick open.
Volvo V70 Fan Problems. - Dave N
It's probably the cooling fan relay, positioned up by the top of the fan shroud, to the left hand side (as you look into the engine bay). It's about 1" wide by 2" long, with a few good thick wires going into it. It also controls the half speed function for when the a/c is on. I think if you remove it, it has a sort of wiring diagram on it.


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