rover 214 gearbox noise??? - mattj0nes
Hi my rover 214 si has just staerted to make a rattle noise from the gearbox i believe. when out of gear the box seems to make a rumbling noise like bearings??? put my foot on the clutch and the noise stops lift off again and the noise comes back. When actually driving the car its there still. Smooth gear changes no other problems just this noise. Phones 2 garages today they reckon the bearings in the gearbox so a recon needed. BUT a mechanic I know reckons its just the release bearing as it makes the noise when out of gear?? your help will be greatly appreciated so I can sort the problem asap

many thanks matt
rover 214 gearbox noise??? - David Lacey
It'll be the first motion (input) shaft bearing that is making the noise - a fairly easy and cheap fix but the gearbox will have to come out and be stripped.

Whereabouts are you located? How many miles has the car covered? That will have a bearing (geddit??) on which route to take with the repair.
rover 214 gearbox noise??? - mattj0nes
Very funny haha I'm located in great yarmouth the car has done 80,000 so a fair bit. When you say its an easy fix is it likely to be within my scope of repair I work at a tyre exhaust centre so have access to most of the equipment I would probably need.
Thanks for your quick reply

rover 214 gearbox noise??? - David Lacey
Well, it depends on how 'scared' you are of gears and interlock mechanisms really!

If you don't know what your doing, it might be best to remove the box yourself and get the bearing(s) replaced at a gearbox specialist....

There are a couple of bits inside the PSA derived MA box that can be tricky and require some know-how ;-)
rover 214 gearbox noise??? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Clutch release bearings make a noise when yo put your foot ON the clutch.
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