Vauxhall Omega idle speed - Tim Boulding
Has any one out there had problems with the idle speed on a post 1998 model year 2000 cc Omega. Mine will not return to a proper speed when the engine is hot. I drops to around 1200 to 1500 rpm and with an automatic box this is a problem because the car wants to travel at 30mph on its own. The Vauxhall dealer has had three attempts to rectifiy this problem and it;s still there. I am aware of another (manual) Omege with the same problem.
Idle Speed? - Guy Lacey
I know the 2 litre Vauxhall engines suffered from failures of the idle speed regulator (?) which cost about £200 to sort in cars around M-reg. I'm sure a car of this age should be able to be plugged into a poota for instant answer - all for £60.
Re: Vauxhall Omega idle speed - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
Hi Tim,

Not an uncommon problem. In the first instance it is important to clean both the idle speed control valve (mounted on the side of the throttle body), the throttle butterfly and venturi, and make sure the small breather pipe from the cam cover to the inlet manifold (and the entry point into the manifold) are clear. Also check that there are no other air leaks on the induction side.

Next the "base idle" position of the butterfly has to be set, and then the output from the throttle position sensor checked. If this is all correct then the idel speed control valve will probably have to be repalced.

Guy's estimate for this is a bit high, but not by much ! If the Vauxhall dealer can't sort this you need an independant specialist. See "Car Engine Tuning" in your local Yellow Pages.

Regards, Adam
Re: Vauxhall Omega idle speed - John Slaughter
Yes sounds like classic vauxhall idle speed control valve failure to me. Cost is more like £160, fitted, assuming it's the same as a 2litre Vectra.



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