Mercedes V Class MPV - alternatives? - Jim L
I have been reading the reviews and discussions about the 7 seater MPV Trend / Ambiente Mercedes. I have a V70 with the extra rear facing seats now but will need more space and will have to replace it in the next year with something able to take 2 adults, 4 children and 2 dogs. Such a tribe needs something bigger than the average MPV if we are to all get in and the Mercedes looks (on paper) to be a good option. However it doesn't seem very reliable and appears to be a van with windows. My only other thought at the moment is the new Volvo SUV which I test drove last week - very nice but not very cheap and not quite as much room as the Merc bus. Any ideas?
Mercedes V Class MPV - alternatives? - Marcos{P}
My friend bought a V-Class a few years ago and it was basically a Vito with windows and a slightly better interior. It was unreliable in the fact that the trim was cheap and it rattled like a banshee.
You would have thought that the experience would have put him off but a few months ago he bought a new one and it is a totally different vehicle from the first one. The trim is of the sort of quality you would expect, it is smooth, quiet and drives a lot better.
If you are looking new then the V-Class is an option but steer clear of the old ones.
Mercedes V Class MPV - alternatives? - DavidHM
Assuming you're okay with the 'van with windows' thing, then you can't go wrong with a Toyota Previa or possibly a Renault Grand Espace. If you want value, go for a Citroën C8 which, although still massive, is slightly smaller. For peace of mind and build quality, it's the Previa every time.
Mercedes V Class MPV - alternatives? - Marcos{P}
Forget what I said about the merc. Go for the Previa, my mate with six kids wants one and apparently they come highly recommended.


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