Skoda Supreb 69 Plate - Trim issues - Richard wall
God anyone else experienced this have a 3 month old bought brand new Skoda Superb L&K. Problem I’ve got is inside the cabin it’s making a clicking noise near the Drivers vent. Comes and goes. The trim round the lights is coming away. The chrome trim round the drivers door is also coming away.

Shocking build quality I am really disappointed as I love the car big and comfy but Skoda say there is only a 3 month warranty on trim parts. Anything else is good will. It’s a £36k car how on Earth can the warranty be only 3 months?

I’ve emailed the CEO and the dealer and await the response. I’m minded just to take the hit and trade it in for a used BMW.

Anyone else experienced poor quality on the Skodas ?
Skoda Superb 69 Plate - Trim issues - Avant

"Skoda say there is only a 3 month warranty on trim parts."

Has your dealer told you this and refused to do anything under warranty? Your contract is with the dealer, not Skoda UK.

If you can show the dealer that this is clearly not wear and tear, you may get them to repair it either under warranty or as a goodwill item.

Skoda Superb 69 Plate - Trim issues - Richard wall
Skoda uk policy
Skoda Supreb 69 Plate - Trim issues - London calling

With all it’s faults cant you return the vehicle under the consumer rights act 2015 saying it’s not fit for purpose?

Skoda Supreb 69 Plate - Trim issues - joegrundy

You might find this useful:

It's the government sponsored guidance to car dealers on how to comply with the Consumer Rights Act etc. (cf. pp 8&9 esp.)

If you bought the car on finance, this publication from the Financial Ombudsman is useful:

It makes clear that when finance is involved, the seller is the finance company, not the supplying dealer, and it is the finance company which is liable.

Skoda Supreb 69 Plate - Trim issues - Will deBeast

If the dealer refuses to accept the rejection, it could get very expensive.

And the courts may well say that a minor trim issue is not enough to justify rejection.

Egan v Motor Services (Bath) comes to mind. But I realise that was before the 2015 act.

Skoda Supreb 69 Plate - Trim issues - Richard wall
Maybe see how we go .. I may just trade in against something else and cut my loses ..
Skoda Supreb 69 Plate - Trim issues - Richard wall
That case was to do with the owner complaining about a problem that the dealer said didn’t exist. My problem is clear to see
Skoda Supreb 69 Plate - Trim issues - Will deBeast

Oh I agree that your car trim should not be coming loose. Just warning that if the dealer doesn't accept the rejection, and you sue, that it could become very expensive.

Skoda Superb 69 Plate - Trim issues - Avant

"Skoda uk policy"

Yes, but have you actually asked the dealer if they will sort it out without charge?

Skoda Superb 69 Plate - Trim issues - joegrundy

From p.10 of the guidance to which I linked above:

"You cannot refuse to deal with a customer’s complaint about a fault or defect simply on the basis that the:• Warranty/guarantee has expired, or;• Type of fault is specifically excluded from the coverage"

Skoda Superb 69 Plate - Trim issues - sammy1

I cannot believe the dealers attitude on what appears to be very minor problems on a very expensive and top of the Skoda range. A 3 month warranty in the small print is a disgrace bearing in mind the profit on a car like this. I would take my future business servicing and warranty work to another dealer. Perhaps you should have bought a BMW you would probably have far less depreciation on one.

Skoda Superb 69 Plate - Trim issues - bazza

Sounds like a poor dealer that's all. Speak with the dealer principal courteously and I'm sure you'll have this sorted in a hour or so. They are minor faults, I wouldn't condemn the car on the basis of a bit of loose trim and I most certainly wouldn't trade it in right now, you'll lose a fortune! Also there's no guarantee whatever you replace it with will be fault free either.

Skoda Supreb 69 Plate - Trim issues - Big John

My mkII 2014 Skoda Superb owned by me since 2015 has been faultless thus far (now 85k miles). I had a small rattle for a while - seemed to come from the top of the dash, was actually my spare glasses in the overhead storage area! I can't comment on the quality of the mkIII though.

Why not try a different dealer - some are better than others.

Skoda Supreb 69 Plate - Trim issues - brum

Firstly, items classed as wear and tear are covered for 6500 miles or 6 months.

Chrome trim coming away has been a known issue on Superb mk iii and is usually fixed with no arguments under warranty. Its a manufacturing fault and so eligible for the full 3 year cover

"After six months or 6,500 miles, wear and tear and mechanical adjustment items will not be accepted for warranty repairs unless a manufacturing defect can be identified by a member of the ŠKODA Authorised Network as the cause."

Full Skoda terms and conditions here (sorry its a long address)

Suggest the OP pop along to the Briskoda forum and there is plenty of help available there

Please report your dealer to Skoda UK, complaints may be made via their website.

You need to change your dealer


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