Audi Avant not accelerate - xylophone
I have a 1995 Audi Avant 1.9 TDi, 142,000 miles on the clock (not an automatic), serviced by a main dealer and cared for on the dot. I do a lot of mileage, much of it on motorways. In the last few months, usually when travelling up a long motorway incline, on occasion the car will accelerate up to around 70 mph, but it will not go faster. If I continue to press the pedal, I do not go faster or slower. If I back off, the throttle responds normally. At the next incline, more often than not, there is no problem, and she will accelerate smoothly. I can go weeks with no problem. Yesterday, however, up and down the M62, I had the problem several times each way.
The dealer advises there are 3 possibilities. I am interested in what people in the Forum think. Has anyone experienced this with any car? What do you think is happening?
Audi Avant not accelerate - David Lacey
Pedal demand sensor....after checking for air and fuel leaks...

Forget a dealership - find a local Bosch Diesel specialist, much cheaper and probably more courteous!
Audi Avant not accelerate - xylophone
Why a "Bosch" specialist??

Audi Avant not accelerate - chris2
think the fuel system is a bosch system on the car ?!?

as to orig Q - had a similar problem with a 110tdi Passat. It was an intermittent fault with the air mass meter. Couple of times went to overtake and ended up pulling back in still behind the car, just would not pull
Audi Avant not accelerate - xylophone
Thanks, Chris

Of the 3 possibilities the dealer has mentioned, one is the air air flow meter - seems that the same as the air mass meter - would you know?

I'd rather not say what the dealer thinks the other 2 possibilities are, in the hope other people will reply with their ideas as to the reason.

This am, she was pulling like an express train!

Audi Avant not accelerate - xylophone
Have booked car in with Bosch specialist. It is clear they will solve the problem. Thanks again
Audi Avant not accelerate - David Lacey
AFM's do indeed give a lot of trouble on many diesel engines.....BMW and SAAB too!
Audi Avant not accelerate - xylophone
Bosch specialists have fixed the problem - it appears, Ran a diagnostic check, got values, checked with me fault intermittent, found a hole in a pipe or hose (a 12" long, thin flexible thing) conducting air in some way into engine, I think they said, which was a fault that would have caused the problem. No certainty problem cured, but good bet. Car now wholly different - accelerates in way not accelerated before - noticebaly smoother and more powerful. £60. I am delighted.


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