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Have recently had problems with car floor judder , thinking it may be misfiring ,and as 3rd service was due I asked an approved garage in the Dorchester area , to service and sort out the vibration . Very quickly they advised me to return it to the dealer for a warranty repair , as the Dual Mass Flywheel was faulty . Alas the warranty had lapsed just 8 weeks prior to the fault being discovered .The vehicle mileage is just 40,000 and I am told and believe this is not an uncommon occurrence.

I am currently waiting to see if Peugeot feel that a flywheel failure at 40,000 is something they should be obliged to rectify without cost to the customer .We wait to see what happens

Peugeot 508 SW year Sept 66 - Dual Mass Flywheel - Peter.N.

Do you use it for towing or drive it hard? My experience with DMF's on Peugeot's is that they seem to last forever, I have certainly never had to replace one on my 406's which I have run for about 10 years and a couple had 200k+ on them.


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