Do European car supemarkets exist - South of the border
I am looking to buy a cheap car on the continent. Does anyone know of the exisitence of European car supermarkets? If so do you have a website, phone number or anyother way of contacting them?
Do European car supemarkets exist - Colin M
Presumably you mean a left hand drive car? Bear in mind you'll need to switch the lights over, move the rear foglight and change the speedo to mph before you can register it in the UK.

With the Euro at 1.38, I don't think you'll find the car is as cheap as you think.

Do European car supemarkets exist - DavidHM
SotB actually posted this before. I think he's looking for a Toyota RAV4 to register in Spain and wants to find the best tax free price in Europe.

I don't think there was an answer but I did manage to find and post contact details for a Toyota dealer in Belgium. Maybe this thread should be merged with that one or alternatively you could scroll down until you find it (there are several pages of threads, although things rarely get rescued from page 2 and beyond).
Do European car supemarkets exist - South of the border
Thanks I was looking for an RH drive I am moving to Spain and want to avoid long wait for cars and uncertainty about spec...Just drive up pick one and leave.....
Thats the hope anyway!
Do European car supemarkets exist - South of the border
Doh now you have me confused yes a left hand drive not a rH drive.. For use in sunny climes.
Do European car supemarkets exist - martin
here in France (and apparently in Spain too) many people go to Belgium to buy a new motor as they do the best deals in terms of taxes and overall market price. You could check out Toyota in Brussels for instance, i am sure they will be happy to oblige. They will probably speak English too, no gurantee though. You must check out what the Spanish impot tax is for a new vehicle though. Also this could be a difficult task considering the Spanish red tape!!!!!

Do European car supemarkets exist - DavidHM
Spain is an EU member so there will be no import tax on a vehicle bought in the EU. Similarly, the Belgian car will be sold VAT free and Spanish VAT paid upon registration, just as in the UK.

Belgium does have relatively cheap cars with nothing other than 21% VAT to pay, but the only reason for a country to be attractive to people buying to import into another country is that the tax free prices are low.

I don't believe that there are any other car taxes to pay in Spain, but if they are, they would apply equally to a Spanish bought car. In Denmark and the Netherlands, there is an additional tax to be paid because it is a car, which can be claimed back by people exporting the car, but not in Belgium.

If you don't speak French, my advice would be to go to one of the dealers near a ferry port with a link to the UK as they are most likely to speak English and know about the export procedure.

By the way, I know it's only a typo but I like the 'impot tax' thing... :-)

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