Suzuki Service Costs - joshua
Got a quote today for a 48,000 mile service on a Suzuki Jimney,supposed to be a cheap car to run etc etc,when the quote arrived I nearly asked if he was refering to the wrong model!


Any comment
Suzuki Service Costs - DavidHM
Depends what work needs to be done. £270 isn\'t too bad for a very major service including, say, brake pads and a cam belt amongst other things. It also depends where you are in the country.
Suzuki Service Costs - Monaro
This car despite the image seems like a right laugh. Apart from the service cost this time (which I don\'t think is too bad if it is major) what is it like to live with?

Paul C
Suzuki Service Costs - joshua
Hi Paul,
The service is fairly major with lots changed with the exception of the cam belt, that service costs £420.
The Jimney is alot of fun,goes anywhere and out performs many of the larger off roaders.
Does about 35-40mpg.
The only downside being space, however it continues to carry 3 of us.


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