Paint stripper attack - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
Last night some sort of paint stripper was poured on the roof of my car. Someone has suggested that it might have been Tippex or Tippex thinners - if so it would help pin down the likely culprit.

Does anyone know whether these products can cause severe paint damage, i.e. stripping right down to bare metal?

Paint stripper attack - Oz
Paint strippers as such contain methylene chloride and a strong alkali, suspended in a gel to minimise evaporation and maximise attack time - guaranteed to dissolve/shrivel the majority of paints, except the most resistant which include polyurethanes, which may survive just with some softening. If the paint doesn't appear physically damaged it may well recover without ill effects. If it has been physically attacked (resulting in shrivelling) you will need to remove the damaged paint before rectifying.
Tippex thinners and the like also contain aggressive, quick evaporating solvents but they aren't suspended in a gel, so they have a good chance of evaporating before any harm is done.
Hope you get a clue to finding the toerag(s) that did this.

Oz (as was)
Paint stripper attack - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
Cheers - pretty much reassures me that it wasn't someone close to me who'd just had an argument...


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