Starting Problems on Golf 3 16v - PaulVW
I've problems starting mostly in colder temperatures - this morning particularly frustrated me which is why I'm writing this!

Its an intermittent fault but when it does happen, the engine starts and revs to maybe 1500 - 2000 rpm and then cuts dead. Sometimes it will start after A LOT of effort but after a while the battery runs dead. I came back to it this afternoon (nice hot day) and it burst into life with no problem! Frustrating!

I've sent it to 2 garges where they did diagnostics but found nothing - one replaced the vacuum hose to no avail, the other couldn't think of anything so cleaned the injectors which did help for a bit. They said they found no fault codes on the ECU.

I've changed the HT lead and put a new rotor arm on from the advice of one garage but no difference. The other thing I noticed was that the oil temperature registers at 20C colder than the water temperature dial. Surely this doesn't make sense??!

After reading some of these messages I think it may be a faulty temperature sensor - problems in colder/damper weather but generally OK in hot weather??? What do you guys think??!

I'd really appreaciate any help before I waste anymore £££££.


Starting Problems on Golf 3 16v - Dynamic Dave
As you\'ve posted the exact same message as yesterday, I\'ll go ahead and delete the earlier posting to avoid repetition.
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Starting Problems on Golf 3 16v - PaulVW
Thanks - I though i'd make the subject a bit more definitive too get a bit more response

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