Use of AirCon - MMJ
My new car is the first one to have air con.

But how do I use it?

Is it only with the temperature on COLD, or does it have some benefit on medium and higher temperature settings. I do not think I have climate control, but what do I know, eh?


Re: Use of AirCon - honest john
If it's a Ford, just leave it on all the time and adjust the temperature as required, making sure to run it at full chill for at least 10 minutes every week to circulate some lubricant through the system.
Re: Use of AirCon - MMJ
Thanks, HJ.

Its a toyota, if that makes any difference.
Re: Use of AirCon - Colin
A supplementary question for HJ ! How much difference does running aircon make to mpg these days? I have been under the impression that it was substantial ...
Re: Use of AirCon - Michael
depends on car but @4% , less than the effect wind drag has on your fuel consumption if you leave the window open.
Re: Use of AirCon - dafydd tomos
read the manual ?
Re: Use of AirCon - Martin Wall
A relative of mine has a 5 year old Toyota the aircon of which has been turned on 100% of the time. Not sure about fuel consumption, but aircon still works brilliantly (excellent dehumidifier in winter) and there have never been any problems with it.

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