Omega oil leak? - smokie
Took the MV6 in for it\'s usual at Kwik Fit on Friday - Mobil 1. I watched closely when it went up on the ramp etc.

It isn\'t dripping oil anywhere, but the bottom of the sump had damp oil around it, more of a coating which made source identification difficult.

Kwik Fit Fitter immediately said \"You\'re sump gasket\'s gone mate\". (I\'d briefed them not to bother mentioning that the tyres and shocks had gone, cos they haven\'t!).

I have to say it looked a little like that. Could he be right? Looked a fairly straightforward job, but not one for me.

I\'m off to search HJ now cos I am sure I remember a post about the metal these are made from, but any advice would be helpful.

btw, there was no noticeable loss of oil (yes, I know some must have gone!), and no emusified stuff either. it\'s done 60k miles, and I\'d guess the oil deposit isn\'t very new...

Omega oil leak? - Ian J
It is possible that there is a leak around the sump or the plate above it. However check out the cam cover gasket/gaskets first. They can leak. Pull off plug leads and check whether there is any oil in the plug recesses. If there is this an indication that the cam cover gasket is leaking. Generally for some reason the driver side of the V is more inclined to leak. Another sign is smoke from the back of the engine on the drivers side due to oil hitting the exhaust.Hope this helps
Omega oil leak? - Dynamic Dave
Smokie, if the Omega\'s sump is made of the same flimsy tin as the sumps Vauxhall use on their front wheel drive engines, it is not uncommon for the sump gasket to weep after a number of miles.
You won\'t notice any noticable loss of oil as a little spilt oil goes a very long way.
You can get away with nipping up the sump bolts slightly, but sometimes this can make matters worse as you can end up bending the metal between each bolt and making the gap even wider.
If it\'s only very slightly damp and not dripping, I wouldn\'t worry about it for now. BUT keep an eye on it from time to time.

btw, I did the editing for you ;o)
Omega oil leak? - BodgeJob

I would be surprised if the oil on the sump was originating from the cam cover gasket unless your getting serious smoking and oil burning smell when you lift the bonnet as the oil would drip onto the exhaust manifold first. The only other problem I have experienced on the V6 was a leak from the oil cooler union pipes which are situated inbetween the 'V' at he back (under the intake plenum chamber). The oil from here ran down the bell housing and dripped off the two bolts at the bottom.
If the oil is generally spread over the sump are you sure the sump nut has not been seeping? (As this is at the back of the sump perhaps not so likely). Otherwise, if not the sump gasket as reported, not really sure (crankshaft oil seal?), but would be interested to know what cured it. Let us know if you get it sorted.
Omega oil leak? - smokie
I'm not going to rush to get it looked at as it really didn't look recent or serious. But I will pass on the suggestions here to Dougie and let you know what he comes up with.

Thanks all

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