V5 delayed? - Welliesorter
Does anyone know how long it should take for the registration document to arrive when buying a new car?

Is three weeks a long time?
V5 delayed? - Mark (RLBS)
No, I don't think so. Last time I did so (January ish) it took about 5 or 6 weeks).
V5 delayed? - volvoman
Well the V5 for our new car will be sent off today so I'll try to remember and let you know how long it takes to get the new one.
V5 delayed? - Marcos{P}
When I sold my old car I sent off the documents and 4 months later had my freind who bought the car saying he still hadn't recieved the documents. The DVLA said they had not recieved the form from me but as it was sent special delivery I had proof it got there. I told them this and within 3 days my freind had recieved the documents.
I must say that every other time they have been very quick and efficient.
V5 delayed? - Welliesorter
Thanks for the replies. I won't chase it just yet then. My only dealings with the DVLA in the past have been to issue replacement licences and they've always been fairly prompt in returning those.
V5 delayed? - Ben {P}
I bought a car two months ago. Gave the V5 over at the post office when i bought tax. Got it back in two weeks. Think i was lucky.

V5 delayed? - volvoman
Hi Chaps - got Mrs V's V5 back today less than 2 weeks after it was sent to the DVLA -

Not bad eh !!
V5 delayed? - ShereKhan
I bought my car a few months ago from a dealer in Northern Ireland. They use a separate DVLA in NI. However as the car was registered with DVLA in Swansea as SORN. The dealer told me he had informed the DVLA NI office. However after six weeks the no sign of the V5. I ended up sending the supplied V5 to the DVLA. I thought it was odd for the dealer to give me the red bit of the V5....I then got a new V5 in two weeks.
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V5 delayed? - leatherpatches
Bought a car on 9 May this year, V5 arrived on 15 May. Also, rang for a replacement V5 for another car and it arrived within 2 days!

Great service, IMO.
V5 delayed? - Welliesorter
My V5 finally arrived, after nearly seven weeks!

I phoned the DVLA a couple of days ago and was told that they were dealing with my paperwork that very day. The delay was because I'd overpaid for the road tax (which was done by the garage) and I could expect to receive a refund and a replacement tax disc showing the correct amount.


Does this count as today's most boring post?
V5 delayed? - leatherpatches
Not at all. I like closure on these threads. :)

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