New VW Polo rear wiper - bertj
I'd be grateful if anyone knows the answer to this one. On my wife's new VW Polo is the following correct?
When the front wipers are operating and you select reverse gear the rear wiper gives one wipe only. If reversing in the rain this is pretty useless. Do all new Polos only wipe once or is there a fault? VW dealers (as always!) seem confused. Thanks for any info.
New VW Polo rear wiper - Anglesey Ian
If it's any assurance, my newly acquired Saab 9-3 TiD does this also and it is sold as a safety feature: ie front wipers on ...engage reverse and the ECU/car designers thinks (with some justication and logic)) that
1 it is raining
2 that you are going to reverse using the rear window for visual safety
3 that you might want your rear screen to be wiped.

I too was surprised when it first happened to me but then I read the handbook...
New VW Polo rear wiper - Ash
This is normal so don't worry ! My 2002 1.9 SDi does it and so does my brothers 2002 TDi sport. It also wipes once if your front wipers are set to intermittent. You'll also find that if you have the heaters on, and you select reverse, the heaters will 'pick up' so to speak.

Hope this helps.
New VW Polo rear wiper - bertj
Thank you very much for that. However, I think one wipe isn't enough - no doubt some dubious VW logic. An old Rover 75 we had kept wiping for as long as the car was in reverse.
As regards the heater, apparently what happens is that it switches to recirculation when in reverse, to prevent exhaust fumes being sucked in - that is sensible!
Thank again
New VW Polo rear wiper - SjB {P}
My new V70 also gives one rear wipe, but then five seconds later, if you're still in reverse gear with the front wipers on, another wipe, and so on.

Works really well.


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