draper professional? - andy n
hi all am looking to buy a set of torx bits/sockets and was lookng at buying a draper "professional" set at around £35 any one any views on the merits of this brand? as i have heard conflicting views on the quality of them{im not of course expecting snap on type performance at this price but require somrthing fairly reasonable}or am i better going up market a tad? thanks
draper professional? - Dave N
I would use Halfords Proffesional range. They're made by facom.
draper professional? - pmh
Look at this months Practical Classics there is a review of socket/torx sets by various manufacturers.

The Halfords professional that I have used, have been good.
They used to do a life guarantee on sockets, I dont know if they still do. No hassle exchange, on one occasion because there was not a single socket available, it was robbed from a professional set!

pmh (was peter)


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