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Could you give me a little advice, please?

I bought a second-hand Jaguar 5 months ago on finance. I asked the finance company for a settlement figure as i was going to sell the car as I'm looking to move house. A trader said he could buy the car and settle the finance but he called me and said he does not want the car as it's flagged on the Hpi report as a mileage discrepancy. I did a check and in 2015 there is a discrepancy of minus 26000 miles.

It may be an error but it does not help me in selling the car.

When i selected the car from a trader the finance company told me they will check the car out before they give finance on it so I felt reassured.

The trader said it would be difficult to sell due to this even in an auction they would disclose it. If i was told about a discrepancy i would not have bought the car.

I emailed the finance company and I had a call a couple of days later, the person basically lied and said its not on the hpi but I said it is as i have it on my pc showing clearly a fail due to a mileage discrepancy.

He said could I send him a copy which I did via email. A week later I emailed asking what is being done and I had an email stating they are looking into it.

I wrote to consumer direct who told me to complain to the finance company and send them a letter which I did. The finance company has now sent a letter saying they are investigating this.

The letter was a template from consumer direct they also said i must complain to the finance company and they have alerted trading standards and given me a case number.

I feel pretty peed off as i have a car i cant sell.

Any advice would be appreciated

Jaguar XJ - mileage discrepancy - elekie&a/c doctor
Any mot history? Was the car bought from a dealer or privately?
Jaguar XJ - mileage discrepancy - Mark Stinchcombe


The mot history backs up the hpi mileage discrepancy..

As stated in my post the car was bought from a dealer.

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Jaguar XJ - mileage discrepancy - daveyjp

Can you post the MOT mileage figures to see if there is anything obvious - 'fat finger' MOT inspector can never be ruled out.

Jaguar XJ - mileage discrepancy - Mark Stinchcombe

It could be a fat fingered technician at the mot but it still wont stop the car having a mileage discrepancy and causing me issues with selling the car. I've had 2 traders refuse to buy the car so far.

Regards mark


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