ford focus avec ABS - Martin Devon
Dear All,

Could you tell me when the focus first got abs. Thinking of getting one for the heir to the overdraft, (17, female, knows it all!) where do i source one and 'ow much. All replies treated how I see fit!!!

Regards everybody.
ford focus avec ABS - Ben79
ABS was only fitted as standard to basic models from late 2002/early 2003 if I remember correctly.

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
ford focus avec ABS - DavidHM
Of course, if you want your daughter tooling around in a 2.0 Ghia... :-)
ford focus avec ABS - Marcos{P}
David is right. I bought my wife one last year and ended up buying a 2.0. Ghia as it was the only one I could find with A.B.S. and various other bits and bobs. The new ones have much more generous free things.
I can never understand how they can make you pay more for a safety feature though.
ford focus avec ABS - Nsar
When we were looking at a Focus a couple of months ago only the Ghia seemed to have it, but as that was what were after anyway it didn't occupy much of my brain at the time, but I remember flicking through the brochure and being surprised that only a few models seemed to ofer it.
ford focus avec ABS - Chas{P}
Please see this thread:



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