rover 214 si 1996/97 - needhelp
I'm in desperate need for a radiator for a rover 214 96/97 model (bubble shape)
What I need to know is can any other radiator be adapted to fit as I can get a radiator for a 216 automatic but need to know if it can fit or be made to fit first.

If not any ideas where i can get a cheap one I tried all my local breakers to no avail.

Also need a bonnet and the front slam panel ideally in dark blue anyone who can help please!!!!!!!!!!!
rover 214 si 97 again sorry - needhelp
the coolant tank on my car has mayonnaise sitting in the bottom of it (No water in cooling system as radiater is smashed)
But there is NONE under the oil filler cap.
I have bought this car from a salvage company so it has been standing about 5-6 weeks i imagine.
Is this going to be the headgasket or is it likely to be just because its been standing for a long time without water???
It might not actually be oil & water mix I suppose it could just be sludge.

Car has done around 85000 And it seems to have been serviced within the past year.

Thanks again
rover 214 si 97 again sorry - blank
The approach I'd take:
1 Replace radiator
2 Fill with water, drain
3 Refill with fresh coolant mix, eliminate all air and airlocks
4 Monitor coolant for signs of leakage or oil ingress

Servicing is no indication of whether the coolant has ever been changed
rover 214 si 1996/97 - smokie
Try the premium rate breakers numbers in Yellow Pages. You state your requirements which are flashed round to a number of breakers. So you sit back, and the phone rings within about 30 mins with offers from 4 or 5 places. The call might cost you a bob or two but the parts were reasonably enough priced. I've used them twice.
rover 214 si 1996/97 - ShereKhan
Try Britt Parts I used to use them when I had a Rover 214 SEi late wedge shape. They sell new parts too. I bought a radiator from them last year for £58.

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rover 214 si 1996/97 - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Without doubt, if there is sludge in the coolant header tank then the gasket is on its way out. If the vehicle was driven any distance with a busted rad then it will have cooked it. Sorry but I speak from bitter experience!

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