Peugeot - Jeremy Naylor
My parents have an 18-month old Peugeot 306 " Meridian", 15,000 miles, serviced as detailed at a recognised service centre. It's recently started making a knocking sound in the enging bay. Warwick Wright at Brent Cross in London took one "look" at it and said it was a recognised problem and was down to Peugeot to get it fixed. One operation later to replace a belt tightner and it's STILL making the noise. All of a sudden my parents are told that they will have to pay 60% of any repair costs.

60% of what?? parts/labour/vat? Warwick Wright still doesn't know what it is. Can a garage, which is recognised by a respected manufacturer really say "it's down to Peugeot" in one breath and then, without knowing anymore, change their tack and demand 60% of any repair costs?

Would love to hear from anyone who either recognises this problem and who can give some expert guidance or someone who is up on the legal side of such a case

SYMPTOMS: a knocking sound in the engine bay which isn't constant and doesn't seem to get any louder with either speed or revs or when the enging is either hot or cold.

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