Nissan Z - Altea Ego
When is the new nissan Z available in the UK? Popped down to the local Mazda dealer today with a mate who wants a new 6, and they had 5 - yes 5 new nissan z's just rolled off the transporter, all unregistered. And why in the Mazda dealer? (who by the way were "too busy" to show us round a Mazda 6 - needless to say he will now get a Mondeo)

Nissan Z - T Lucas
Nissan 350Z(Fairlady)has been available unofficially since about Sept 02.
Nissan Z - fitz
The full 2003 UK allocation of 350Z's was sold out within an hour of going on sale. All cars are going to be delivered in October.
Nissan Z - Dave N
There's a 6 month old imported one at for £30K.


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