MOT and windscreen - alapppy
I have a small stone chip ( about 2mm) with a crack about 5mm in total length. The chip is in line with my line of sight. I have been told that this is an MOT failure even if I have the chip repaired Is this so ?

MOT and windscreen - Backo
if the chip and crack can be contained in a circle of 10mm in diameter it should pass the test fine.
MOT and windscreen - blank
I also think you have been told wrongly.

Worth thinking about getting it repaired. If you have fully comp insurance your insurer will probably pay in full with no xs, to avoid a later payout for a full windscreen if the crack spreads.

If you repair, the crack will still be visible, but hopefully less so than before. It should also not spread. If you leave it to chance it may remain as is, or may spread. Changing modern bonded windscreens seems fraught with complications. There are risks of bodywork damage and poor sealing leading to leaks.

MOT and windscreen - Dwight Van Driver
Go to

> Testers Manual
> Manual contents
> Windscreens

MOT and windscreen - blank
For whatever reason, your link doesn't. I was hoping to learn something!

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When DVD provides the correct link, I\'ll ammend his post. Until then try these:-
MOT and windscreen - Dwight Van Driver

I believe I added the htm which is not required. Your second reference points covers where I was trying to direct to.


I\'ve corrected your post anyway. DD.

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