Removing tinted window glue.Solved. - Graham567
My rear tinted window had started to show its age after 5 years and was bubbling and coming away.I decided to remove it.It came off quite easily but the whole rear glass was covered in the glue that tinting used.I tried glass window cleaner but it didn't work.I didn't want to use a stanley knife blade as google had said as I didn't want to damage the rear demist elements.In the end I used Car Plan Demon wheels cleaner!.I sprayed it on the glass,left it for 2 minutes and the glue just came away on the cloth with no damage to the elements.It didn't mark the plastic trims either.So what looked like a nightmare job ended up taking about 15 minutes of wiping.Hope this helps other people who have the same problem.

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Removing tinted window glue.Solved. - NARU

Thanks for coming back and saying how you solved it. Its so annoying when people just say 'solved'.

Removing tinted window glue.Solved. - badbusdriver

I am curious what led you to try wheel cleaner?. This does not seem as obvious a choice as tar and glue remover. I'm guessing the current wheel cleaners must not be quite as aggressive as the ones i used to use as a car valeter back in the early 90's, they would have disintegrated any interior trim they came in contact with!.

Removing tinted window glue.Solved. - Graham567
I had tried various glass cleaners without success and was looking around my garage for something a bit more aggressive. I knew that wheel cleaner ate through the grime so tried it on a small area. I was amazed as to how well it worked!
Removing tinted window glue.Solved. - Andy500

Thanks! This is a solution I have needed for a long time. What make was the wheel cleaner, just to make sure I don't get something too strong accidentally?

Removing tinted window glue.Solved. - Andy500

Sorry just re-read OP - Car Plan Demon. Will invest in some!

Removing tinted window glue.Solved. - Gerry Sanderson

WD 40 ?



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