Peugeot 106 Front Suspension Thud - howy686
When reversing my wife's 106 (1124cc petrol '96P at 42000 miles) touching the brakes produces a distinct thud from the front. It must be bad - even she's noticed it. (Sorry - unnecessary chauvenistic remark!!).
Seriously though - it's more distinct on left lock and doesn't show up by applying forward/reverse drive - only reverse braking.
Steering feels OK although maybe there is a slight knock over big potholes.
I've used a lever (carefully) on every bush and joint I can see and the caliper bolts are not loose - any ideas would be welcome.
Peugeot 106 Front Suspension Thud - Andrew-T
howy - this sounds to me like the pads moving from the front stop to the back stop because of the opposite motion. There has to be a small amount of free movement to allow pads to move on and off the disk, which is sometimes audible when stopping the car in reverse. It may be worth examining the disks and pads for corrosion, but unlikely to be a serious problem, IMHO.
Peugeot 106 Front Suspension Thud - madf
sorry but the disks are prone to corrosion or the calipers may be partially seized.

Depending upon the type of brakes fitted, (there are 2!), it is either awkward or difficult depending upon the corrosion to replace the pads or remove the disk.

The pins holding the pads in place in one type are prone to rusting solid and preventing free movement of the pads. (These are supposed to be driven out but rust...

The bolts/screws holding the disks to the hub may rust solid and be awful to remove.

If you inspect them with the wheels off, get someone to depress the brake pedal and ensure all moves freely.
(warning pads are different for different brake manufacturers)

A blowtorch will likely be essential.

(imo an apalling design,)

Alternativley check the lower suspension arm balljoint on the passenger side. This is prone to wear. Although it can be replaced, it is easier to replace the entire arm (Partco are cheap) as removing the balljoint and replacing it can be VERY difficult.

Nice to drive: apllaiing design for maintenance once elderly..
Peugeot 106 Front Suspension Thud - greaser pv
Take a breaker bar with socket to fit wheel nuts , put socket on one nut and with bar at 90% check movement forwards and backwards whilst applying gradual force, you may find there is excessive movement one way or another, suspect rear lower arm bushes.

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