Imports with expired warranties - Wally Zebon
I know that there have been loads of posts concerning imports in the past, but I've done a couple of searches and not really found the answers I am looking for. Therefore I thought I'd post a new one. Sorry if this has already been covered.

I looked at a 2000 W reg Audi S3 yesterday and only discovered at the last minute that it was an import.
Now, because it is an import it would only have had a two year warranty, which has now expired, so I would not have any warranty issues - I simply buy a new one from Audi.
Other than that, what other reasons are there to stay away from this car? It is a UK spec car with a full service history.
Imports with expired warranties - Blue {P}
In that case there are no reasons to stay away. It should be fine, I've never had any trouble with my imported Fiesta from either the car or the dealers...
Imports with expired warranties - keithb
A 2000 W car would have only had a 1 year warranty (2 years was given from late 2001) so it's long expired. Have Audi confirmed that they will sell you a warranty? BMW will only extend the warranty before expiration.

No reason to stay away just because it's an import. If you buy, make sure you get the certificate of conformity and VAT receipt. I believe this has to be kept for 6 years as proof that VAT was paid.
Imports with expired warranties - DavidHM
Obviously this car should be at least a little cheaper than an 00W that's still in warranty, although of course any Audi registered before May 2000 will be out of the manufacturer's warranty now, unless it has been extended of course.
Imports with expired warranties - Colin M
I sold over 100 imported S3's until they were discontinued in March. As long as it's full UK spec then no problem. Many of them are now coming out of 3 year leases so there is a surplus of them for sale and used values have taken a hit in the last 6 months. There is a specific S3 forum on where you can learn a lot about the car.

If you can afford it, go for the facelift and 225bhp model (facelift in 2001 and engine upgraded late 2001).

Look out for chipped (ECU) cars, a lot of owners have done this to squeeze an extra 30-40bhp out of the engine, they then remove or not declare the chip on selling. This will invalidate your insurance and negate any goodwill you may get from Audi if the engine packs up prematurely.


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