Which car should I buy? - Geronimo Watanabe

Hi all,

I would like to buy my first car in the UK and here is what I'm expecting to achieve:

- Maximum price: £ 2,000.00

- Very easy to fix (not a complex design)

- Very easy to find parts

- Very cheap parts

- Engine power, 1.6 minimum

- Big boot, family car

- Very economical, highest mpg possible

- Very cheap insurance and other expenses

Which cars would you recommend?

I really appreciate any advice you can provide!

Which car should I buy? - oldroverboy.

Must be the silly season....

Which car should I buy? - Engineer Andy

Must be the silly season....

I wonder if they are mates with/related to very_45200?

Something about the weather? I give up...


Which car should I buy? - badbusdriver

£2000 is not very much money, so you are goiing to need to compromise. At that price, diesel is not really advisable due to the complexity. Also, 1.6 is not a power output but the engine size. You can have a 1.4 car which has more power than a 1.6 and so on. But at such a small budget, you need to be thinking simplicity. No diesel, no turbo, manual gearbox. Here are a couple of options,




Which car should I buy? - Geronimo Watanabe

Fantastic feedback badbusdriver, many thanks, I will have a proper look at the links you've sent :)

Which car should I buy? - Avant

Always remember that at this level of budget, condition matters much more than make or model. That said, I agree with BBD above: Japanese petrol cars are a good bet (as the mechanical parts last well and you have a better chance of getting a reliable one), as are Fords (as there are lots around to choose from).


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