Car pulls left then right then straight etc... - fendertele

So i'm taking my car into get looked at by an independant mechanic as the dealership i have the warranty with are getting nowhere....

The car is all good alignment wise according to the printout everything in the green, only thing it doesnt show is the caster, but i have a feeling it is okay because my car does drive straight sometimes.

It isnt tyre wear or tyre pull as it isn't a constant and varies too much i believe for it to be tyre related, all tyres are set to the door frame recommendations.

So the issue basically is the car can drive perfectly straight but a decent bump on the road can through it out, sometimes it will want to pull left.... other times it will want to steer to the right, and other times i can hold the steering wheel dead centre and it will go pretty much straight.

Whatever it is i can actually feel the shift when it happens, by the contact of the tyres/ how the car sits...

I am also so intune with the issue that as soon as i step into my parked car i can know if it is going to drive straight.

If i had to describe how it feels, it's like the affected side feels heavier.. when i'm cornering if its on the lfront passengers side (uk) and im taking a right corner... it feels heavy on the front passengers side and wants to pull away from the way im turning constantly..... and vice versa when it shifts.

there is also a very subtle knocking noise when going over speed bumps when both front wheels roll over it, doesn't happen going over with one wheel.

any tips what to check for tommorow with the mechanic ? i have a feeling it might be subframe movement because of the twisted feeling/heaviness on one side.. do the symptoms add up ?

Car pulls left then right then straight etc... - RobJP

What make / model / spec ?

What size of wheels and tyres ? Runflats ?

Too many missing details, and we all know the devil is in those ...

Car pulls left then right then straight etc... - Andrew-T

Sounds like the PAS acting up (which you haven't mentioned). Is it electric or traditional?

Car pulls left then right then straight etc... - fendertele
this was the alignment taken the very next day after car was delivered to me. i only drove the car once to take it for the alignment upon noticing it felt off.

not sure how they managed to get camber back in as its non adjustable and how the caster is out for a new car.
Car pulls left then right then straight etc... - madf

Sounds lik a bent component - maybe several - which affect steering..Trobably bent steering arms - adjusted to be ok in straight ahead position but not OK when suspension is compressed as the unequal lengths on either side mean that you get a steering input when suspension is compresed..

Car pulls left then right then straight etc... - Peter.N.

A partially seized strut top bearing could cause the problem.


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