Cycle carrier Rover 25 - tim slater
I'm having doubts about whether the standard tailgate spoiler on my Rover 25
will stand up to having a hatch mounted cycle carrier fitted. The straps used to fit it will obviously cause quite a downward pull and the spoiler will have to take all the strain - do any readers use a similar carrier on a 25 or a 200?.
Rover might want to consider making the spoiler with a couple of knock out panels to allow the straps to pass through - my car can act as guinea pig for a prototype unit if they wish!. (This won't do much to aid the sale of their roof bars though).
Hope somebody has an answer.
Re: Cycle carrier Rover 25 - HJ in transit in KL
Never, ever fit a cycle carrier to a fibreglass hatchback or a fibreglass spoiler. So this excludes Espaces, ZXs, Mk II Unos, BXs and quite a few other cars. It can cause very expensive accidents which you could get prosecuted for because of carrying an insecure load.


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