Motor Provider or Micronet Showroom - fitz
I am thinking of buying a new car through either Motor Provider or Micronet Showroom as I can save approx £2000 on main dealer prices. Can anyone who has had dealings whith either tell me what you thought of them.
Motor Provider or Micronet Showroom - AK
Main dealers will try to match internet prices at moment with Sterling to euro not in our favour may be better bet. £1500 off list is available.Worth a try!
Motor Provider or Micronet Showroom - DavidHM
I agree with AK in principle. If you are subject to exchange rate fluctuations, you may find that the saving is less than expected. Similarly, a UK car will have a 3 year warranty and be worth more as a trade in a few years down the line.

A broker such as or will often give you £2000 off a main dealer price.

What car are you interested in? How much is the saving? If, despite all this, this saving is so good that you still want to go ahead and import, I should warn you that I have heard rumours about the past history of Micronet's directors (and I stress that they are rumours) but this may add another element of risk.
Motor Provider or Micronet Showroom - SMC
Micronet Showroom - Nottingham. Have had some problems with them, delivery very late, and incorrect car spec supplied. Up hill struggle to actually get refund. There was a message board on Google search engine relating to them, if I recall. Also a consumer article in The Birmingham Evening Mail referring to a customer who had problems buying a BMW x5 from them.

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