Windscreen - is it bonded or otherwise? - Wales Forester
I have a 1997 Escort which has a rather nasty stone chip to the heated front screen.
I am told that it is not repairable.
I am to get the screen replaced on my insurance policy.
Can anyone tell me whether this screen is a bonded type or a normal rubber mounted gasket type? I can't make my mind up by looking at it. I want to know for no particular reason, I'm just being inquisitive.

Also does anyone know how much the quality differs between a Ford original part heated screen and say an Auto Windscreens own brand screen.
I am thinking more about the life and reliability of the heating element, but also how quickly the glass will chip and mark over time. The screen fitted is the original XXX Triplex one which matches the rest of the glass all round.

Do the windscreen fitting companies have the facility to order a Ford original part screen?

Any advice appreciated.
Windscreen - is it bonded or otherwise? - Craggyislander
Hi Peter

I dont know if your screen is bonded however I can tell you that Autoglass have replaced the screen twice on my Mondeo - the screen has a heated element running through it.
On each occasion they used the XXX Triplex screen as a replacement,which is where I believe they differ from Auto Windscreens.
AW use their own brand as far as I know.
Personally I would prefer to get the Triplex one.

Windscreen - is it bonded or otherwise? - Wales Forester
Thanks Craggyislander, I'd prefer a Triplex replacement, Auto Windscreens seem to make or at least brand their own glass, so as I'm not convinced of the quality I'd rather have an original spec unit fitted.
I've also had 2 heated screens on Mondeos replaced previously, both times on warranty and replaced with a Ford/Sekurit original part screen.
I'll ring Autoglass and see what they say.


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