Omega Indicators Intermittent Failure - NabLane
My Dad's Omega Elite ('96) has a recently experienced some intermittent failures of the indicator system (including the hazard-warning system). The problem will arise and then disappear again after 10-15minutes. We have checked the fuse box - no amount of tapping or wiggling of the indicator fuse or surrounding area causes the indicators to fail. The flasher unit has been replaced and no amount of 'adjustment' around this area causes the failure.

Has anybody experienced this problem before? I suggested NOT taking it to a Vauxhall dealer as the problem is intermittent and he will no doubt be charged £60.00 labour only to be told that "intermittent failures are difficult to detect because they are intermittent... but we had a nice drive out for a couple of hours".

I just thought it might save us time if somebody has seen this before - otherwise it's out with the Haynes manual and off with the dashboard.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Failing that, at least the weather looks like it will hold for the job.

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