Older cars at auction? - mat
Dear Backroomers,

I'm after a new car and I'm tempted to pick one up at auction,
so I'm hoping to pick the collective brains of auction going
I'm aware that alot of cars at auction are 'direct' end of
lease company cars and these are normally upto 3 years old.
I read a book on this topic some time ago and its recommendation
was for direct from fleet as the servicing will have been done
by the book. However as I am a bit tight I'm more interested in
5/6 year old cars. I assume that most of these will not be
'direct' from fleets but trade ins and stock moved around the
trade, and so their history might be less that 100%. Other than
looking the car and its details over is there anyway to gleen
more info about it? At BCA blackbushe there are lots of named
sales (Nissan Finance, Black Horse finance and so on) do these
give any indication of car origin and potential quality? Would
something like the BCA approved lots be a good bet? Also the
last time I stopped over on the way to work I noticed alot of
'bangers' grouped in an inchcape sale. Do inchcape specialise
in disposal of 80's cars as well as newer fleet stuff.

Thanks in advance for any comments and observations!


Older cars at auction? - Ben {P}
Sounds like you will be best off buying something known to be reliable.
If its a trade in, take a peak at the number plate and see if there is a dealer phone number on it. I found one on the last car i bought, and as it claimed to have one previous owner, i rang the garage to check the history. Fake service histories are easy to manufacture. Mine checked out very well indeed. Unfortunately i have lost my job so im selling, its a 97R Mondeo 2ltr GLX,metallic red, alloys, one prev owner, full ford history, 6 months tax and mot, 63500 warranted miles, asking 2895. E-mail if at all interested.

Older cars at auction? - Vansboy
The Inchcape section you mention, can throw up a few genuine buys.
The cars will be as seen, un warranted miles/condition.
If there is a log book, the actioneer will anounce if it's 1 or 2 owners, if he doesn't, chances are it's had more!
These branded sales offer the nearest thing to a potential good opportunity to buy a car that hasn't been tarted up, for sale.
The other 'approved' stock, you mention, has probably been valeted & traded several times.Each trader trying to turn a profit.All that glitters......, as they say!

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