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Squeak on moving off - Craggyislander
Hi all

I have got a 97 Mondeo Verona with 58k on the clock. Just recently I have noticed a slight squeal or squeak when pulling away under load - eg a hill start - it sounds just like a tyre squeal though it cant be that as it happens at low revs and I dont spin the wheels anyway!The noise itself lasts for about a second then goes away.
Could it be a clutch problem? It happens just as the clutch bites and the car starts to move off.

Any help much appreciated

Squeak on moving off - greaser pv
Clutch release bearing .
Squeak on moving off - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
In my experience i would say your clutch is very nearly worn out, it is just giving you advanced notice. Stand by for an horrific bill!!

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Squeak on moving off - Craggyislander
Thanks very much for the replies so far guys.

I am still trying to get this sorted with the garage,and they have come up with the suggestion that there is an O ring seal on the cat which is held in with spring clips.
Apparantly this O ring can become glazed and this could be whats causing the squeak.
Does that sound possible to you guys?
The noise happens whether the engine is hot or cold and its now doing it at around 1500 rpm moving away on a flat surface.
Like I said before it happens at the precise moment of take off,when the clutch bites.

Thanks in advance
Squeak on moving off - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Sounds plausible, there is a composite sealing ring between the manifold and downpipe but the downpipe shouldnt be able to move. Cost of this ring is only a couple of quid and 10 mins to fit so go for it before shelling out £500+ on a clutch.

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Squeak on moving off - Anglesey Ian
I add the possibility of a wornslightly slipping fan belt and throw this into the discussion pot. This might provide a characteristic sqeal but then again, not a squeak.....
Squeak on moving off - kithmo
Check rear suspension trailing arm bushes.
Squeak on moving off - Blue {P}
Ahh, this sounds familiar, my Fiesta has started making a squeak when pulling away, particularly if done quickly or under load.

It started making this intermittent noise after I drove down "Speed bump alley" with 4 passengers and myself in the car... If I wasn't trading the car in next month then a bill to Sunderland Council would be getting prepared now...

Does a MK5 Fiesta have rear trailing arm bushes? My noise definately seems to come from the rear suspension, and I'm not imagining it 'cos my aunt noticed it as well.

What puzzles me is that I drove very slowly over the speed bumps, although I could still feel it hitting the limits of the chock absorbers, probably due to the weight in the back. My car has only done 10K :-(
Squeak on moving off - DaveM
I had a similar sounding problem on my 89 Fiesta 1.6S. It gradually got worse until it would do it for a few seconds at a time, even parked. This obviously helped PD. I was able to pin it down to the alternator drive belt/pulleys.
I could not actually see a problem, but it was sqealing and a short spray of wd40 stopped it immediately.
I replaced the belt and cleaned up the pulleys and had no further problems.
Squeak on moving off - Craggyislander
Thanks for all the replies guys.

I took the service manager from the garage I use out for a short spin to let him hear the noise.
Firstly I drove the car in 5th at about 10mph and had the engine juddering like I dont know what- it was desperate to stall!
No squeaks from that test ,so he agreed it probably wasn't a seal on the exhaust.

I then drove around on a start stop circuit,each time moving off in first,and each time the car did the noise on the clutch bite point-(closest I can compare it to would be playing a single note on a recorder).
He agreed to change the clutch and also replaced the slave cylinder.

That seems to have fixed it - no more squeaks!

Only concern is though that it started making that noise at 61k - isn't that a bit early for clutch problems?

They showed me the clutch plates after they'd finished and the Service manager said to me that they weren't as worn as he had expected so perhaps it was the thrust bearing.

Still,its all done and it was under warranty so I'm happy :o)
Squeak on moving off - Dynamic Dave
Only concern is though that it started making that noise at
61k - isn't that a bit early for clutch problems?

It depends on the circumstances of what the clutch has had to go though during those 61k miles. Stop start journeys will shorten the lifespan, for example. Our works van clutch completely burnt out at 8,000 miles; its mainly used on a private site for short start stop journeys of no more than 3 miles a day.

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