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Dear enlightened one,
I have just bought an SRI 1.8i 1986 convertible (£400!!) new mot but been standing for 3 years. It seems clean enough, starts/ runs quietly, dry engine. However, first trip, covered two miles and the ignition suddenly switched off (inc revcounter) all other electrics OK. After doing a short `frustration dance` I tried again - it started first go and drove straight home and just as 2 miles came up again, it started catching again, but got me home. I cleaned the obvious elec contacts/ earths, and went for another drive. Four started cutting in and out (again inc rev counter flicking on/ off)- I parked up, ten minutes later started fine and drove home. Is it an ECU thingy problem ?? If so where located/ how many of them/ where to get one ?.
LAST question - I `like` diesels, and would wish to convert the car. Which would be the best/ simplest diesel conversion ??

PS doing a great job councelling your flock - better than a psychoanalyst adviser anyday !
ECU/ Diesel ! - jc
It's unlikely to be the ECU itself;take all the connectors you can find on the various looms apart,clean and a little vaseline on them.Then make sure they firmly click back together.
ECU/ Diesel ! - Railroad
Most likely an ignition module fault. Check to make sure it has a good earth connection. Sometimes modules can fail when they get hot, and work again when they cool down.

Diesel conversion........interesting.......

Quite a bit of work there I should imagine, let us know how you get on.
ECU/ Diesel ! - Dynamic Dave
I have just bought an SRI 1.8i 1986 convertible....
I `like` diesels, and would wish to convert the car....

You failed to mention the make/model of the car in your note!!
ECU/ Diesel ! - surfer
Cavalier mk2 (convertible) - wanting to convert to diesel - which diesel engine is best suited ??
ECU/ Diesel ! - Dynamic Dave
I could be wrong, but isn\'t the Isuzu unit the prefered one, as changing the clutch is a lot easier than on the Vauxhall lump?
In fact, did they ever fit the Vaux Diesel lump to the Cav, or was it just the Isuzu?
ECU/ Diesel ! - Armitage Shanks{P}
Yes but doesn't the Isuzu engine have a power steering pump or some other vital accessory plumbed into the alternator, making it a very expensive repair/replacement? Swings and roundabouts!
ECU/ Diesel ! - surfer
re clutch change - yes possibly but if I am doing an engine swap - I would change the clutch/ timing belt befor fitting the engine. (and would hope to not live long enought to need to do it again!) - what HP is the older diesel (1.6?) compared to the isuzu - any HP advantage ??
ECU Diesel ! - surfer
Hi again,
thanks for earlier advice -I will check out all connections again on the cavalier convertible 1986 SRi. I was considering a Diesel conversion -which diesel engine&box is mechanically better/ more suited to fit into the cavalier ? 1.6 or later 1.7 ? even the 1.7 TD? any particular year ?

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