Fiesta TPMS repair? - Charlie Croker

Hello, looking for some advice please.

My son biffed a curb in his Fiesta a couple of months ago quite hard, took a chunk out of the tyre which went flat, had it changed at a garage where they said he had broken the TPMS so he opted to just have the new tyre fitted. Its now failed its MOT due to the warning indicator, came up for its first MOT recently think its a 14 year Fiesta.

I'm alright on the spanners but have no book for this car and not a scoobie on TPMS, also I am not equipped to remove a tyre from a rim, balance etc. - I can take the whole wheel off no worries

Before I offer ... Is this something that can be fixed DIY or is it a garage job?

Many thanks in advance.


Fiesta TPMS repair? - RobJP

Assuming the TPMS system on these reads pressures individually on tyres, rather than the rotational system ...

then it's a tyre removal and refit. The TPMS is part of the valve, on the inside.

If, on the other hand, it is the rotational system, then it should just be a case of resetting the system and taking the car for a few mile drive.

However, you may well need the handbook to determine which it is.

Fiesta TPMS repair? - elekie&a/c doctor

If the Tpms sensor in the valve has been broken,then the system cannot be re-initialised unless a new sensor/valve has been fitted.The system will only work correctly if all 4 wheel sensors are in working order.

Fiesta TPMS repair? - bathtub tom

I reckon the car will need an alignment check as well.

Fiesta TPMS repair? - Charlie Croker

Thank you for the replies Gents, I will take the wheel off to check but as you all suggest its likely the sensor is on the tyre inner of the valve and will need repairing with the tyre off..

Good shout on the alignment also, shame there isn't a service to get my sons driving realigned...

Cheers again


Fiesta TPMS repair? - jc2

I had a '13 Fiesta on which the system was rotational and '14 Fiesta which was sensors-Contact a Ford parts counter and they will be able to tell you the VIN for the change.You may also be able to get the info from ETIS-just type ETIS into a search engine.Type the reg. or VIN into it and then call up the minor features list.


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