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MOT History Check - Galaxy

I've just noticed today that Test Location is now being included when you make a DVSA MOT History Check on a vehicle:


I'm sure this is a fairly new addition because they definitely didn't used to give this information. I'm not too sure how long this latest information has been available but I certainly wasn't aware of it before today! It tells you the name and address of the establishment where the vehicle has been tested.


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MOT History Check - RobJP

That's happened within the last week.

Nicely spotted !

MOT History Check - argybargy

The "mileage at last MoT" checking facility is an excellent thing, and I suppose the location would allow you to toddle along/ ring up and ask a question about the car you're thinking of buying, should you want to do so, and should the establishment concerned be receptive to enquiries from Joe Public.

No doubt there's still room for fraudulent activity, but much less than in the days when many of us knew, or had heard of an MOT tester who wasn't too bothered about specifics as long as you rubbed his palm with the requisite moolah once a year.

MOT History Check - SLO76
This is a great addition. Often Mot history checks flag up lists of advisories but certain fast fit establishments and some garages are notorious for abusing the Mot system to drum up work. They list non-existent faults and acceptable wear and tear as advisories in the hope you'll fork out the readies. Then when anyone looks at the history check it looks like the car is one step from the scrappy.

Knowing who did the test will tell you much about whether the advisories are real or not. Fast fit establishments in particular are not to be trusted, particularly a certain one with K and F in the initials. Their staff are on commission based pay structures and encouraged to find fault with your vehicle to enhance earnings. Last time an old customer used a local branch for his ten year old Ford Focus (mint with very low mileage) they failed it on emissions and told him he needed a new cat and four (yes four) new shocks!!! I took it away to my usual tester who passed it without a single advisory... t*****s!

Another example was the old Ford Cougar I bought from a deceased estate last year. To read the previous years advisories you'd think it was heading for the bin but a quick look round it told me otherwise. I dropped it into my workshop and it flew through with a simple repair to the rear light wiring. A connector just needed cleaning. The year before had listed play in both front wheel bearings and a number of other minor items none of which had been attended to and none required to be a year later. Again it was another fast fit chain. Actually this is a bit of a national scandal these b***** places.

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MOT History Check - argybargy

My own, one and only experience with that particular fast fit establishment was a salutory one.

I had a Mk2 Ford Escort estate at the time, second car after passing my test, and was in the process of helping my sister in law clear her deceased father's house.

He'd been employed in heavy engineering for decades, and in his shed had amassed a huge collection of nuts, bolts, brackets and other hardware, much of it in Imperial sizes. She told me to take anything I fancied and the rest I took to the scrapyard in a box in the back of my Escort.

On the way, a rear leaf spring snapped with an audible bang. Off I went to K and F, and the young chap there put my car on the lift, raised it, took a look at the spring, which had snapped clean and was bent upwards, and said "Can't see anything wrong with that".

Anyhow, Daft 'aporth here, fully aware that the chap was talking cobblers but not taking that as a warning that I ought to go elsewhere, left my car in their tender care, and lo and behold, they did their usual thing. A phone call later that day, telling me that the car needed a full set of shocks, springs, brakes back and front, the flaming lot. There was nobody I could call on at the time to advise me otherwise, I wanted the car back on the road soon as, so it never occured to me to get a second opinion.

This was back in about 1980, and cost me around 400 nicker even then.

Never been near the place since.

MOT History Check - nellyjak

Wise move...many (but not all) of these establishments are often staffed by untrained monkeys and play on peoples ignorance and fears.

I wouldn't let them open the bonnet of my car....assuming they could find out how.

PS..great addition to the MOT history check site.

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MOT History Check - argybargy

I must correct that date in my post above.

It was 1990, not 1980, otherwise I'd have been driving an almost brand new Escort Mk2 estate, which a) SURELY wouldn't have given up a spring so easily? and b) would have been way beyond my pocket at the time.

MOT History Check - Dogfuzz

Very useful piece of information-thanks...Good. The fact that it's possible to suss so much information now about the history of a car might prompt people to buy well cared for three year old cars (or older) in favour of new models ?

You get ( or should) mileage, dates of MOT, locations, advisories, failures, passes and careful scrutiny will reveal mileage per year . I noticed one car on the site that had done 15k in one year and only 1k the next!

MOT History Check - gordonbennet

It's quite a handy tool because you can avoid vehicles that have spent too much time in Scotland and the North, where excess salt is used.

I was looking (not to purchase, just out of interest) at a Landcruiser like mine, low mileage 70k and underpriced by about £4k, an underpriced LC has something wrong with it thats a given, but trader's description was rosy, arn't they always, so MOT history perusal here we come.

History showed several MOT's with barely legal tyres and various warnings of worn brake pads so a neglected car, but more worrying several warnings of corroded brake pipes and other corrosion probs far too early in life, first rust warning at 36k miles at first MOT, sure enough first few MOT's were in Sotland, subesequent MOT's from further south but the damage is done now, anyone looking underneath is going to see some nasty sights.

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MOT History Check - pd

I had a car in a couple of months back (a Lexus as it happens) which had no MOT and had failed on no less than 17 things. Yes, 17. At Halfords.

Out of interest I ran it through my usual MOT place (which is a franchised dealer and they know I will be selling the car and they really don't want any comeback so are fussy so-in-sos) and it passed with 2 minor advisories. I nearly fell off my chair.

MOT History Check - Falkirk Bairn

I had my car serviced in July @ franchised outlet. Nothing really wrong but they advised that the front would require new disks & pads in a few months due to corrosion on the disks. Tyres are 4mm & advised a change.

They said they would call me @ the end of December - even marked the cost on the worksheet - £298 inc VAT

3 weeks ago I had my Indie do the MoT & asked him about the disks - nothing wrong in his opinion - minor corrosion but 4-5mm on pads all round. In his opinion I can drive for maybe a year+ on what is left unless overnight I start driving @ 100mph & brake heavily - unlikely for a 70 year old whose main trips are 10-15 miles at best with only the odd 150 mile trip.

MOT History Check - Dogfuzz

Ahh-now i know why certain well known motor maintenance retailers offer a speedy £discounted MOT !

MOT History Check - argybargy

Interesting to read the comments above about excess salt; presumably referring to road salt. Would living by the sea have the same effect? We lived on the Wirral for many years, only 10 minutes from the beach. A friend who lives just 100 yards from the Mersey had a classic sports car and was unable to keep it under cover. He said it rusted to Hell in no time whilst parked on the road, being regularly subjected to sea spray depending on the wind direction. Maybe there's more to the story than that: I don't know.

I read somewhere that American car manufacturers do not apply as many coats of paint to their vehicles as we do in this country because their climate tends to me much drier. Don't know whether this is true and whether the same applies to other, drier countries, but perhaps another thing to consider when shopping for imported vehicles.

MOT History Check - RobJP

Yes, old cars especially, and even modern cars - particularly those with a separate ladder chassis - can be very prone to salt corrosion from being in coastal locations, as well as the further north you go.

I suppose the worst possible combination would be to buy something like a LR Defender that had spent the last 10 years on Orkney. Far north, right on the coast, and plenty of salt spray getting blown around at 60+mph all winter !

MOT History Check - RT

Coastal areas rarely experience sub-zero temperatures - the sea keeps their climate as moderate - however, the salt spray gets everywhere.

I'd avoid a car from anywhere near the coast.

Going south, road salt may be less of an issue - but sun bleaching of certain colours occurs, particularly solid reds - and looks terrible on a car that's been repaired as the paint colours will have been matched at time of repair but the newer paint fades less.

MOT History Check - gordonbennet

Don't know whether this is true and whether the same applies to other, drier countries, but perhaps another thing to consider when shopping for imported vehicles.

I had considered importing a Prado direct from Japan, but instead an equivalent Landcruiser (regd just before the magic £500+ VED became valid) that had the right history and previous well heeled ownership came up, wenta nd inspected pronto and is the most rust free example i've seen, i bought it, wasn't cheap, good examples of these things arn't.

However if you have an hour or two to kill, if you have a good look round on www.tradecarview.com/ or any of the other similar Japanese car sales/export sites, you will often find i the adverts for 4x4s that they take extensive photgraphs of the undersides of the cars as well as the usual, 10 and 15 year old Landcruisers as rust free underbody as a year old example would be here.

They get winters, but they don't use salt, and the Japanese look after their cars better on average than we do.

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MOT History Check - Wackyracer

Another thing I have noticed is that it no longer requires you to give the make of the car now, just the registration number.

It's an incredibly useful tool for people looking at buying a car and can give some useful information.

MOT History Check - Engineer Andy

Another thing I have noticed is that it no longer requires you to give the make of the car now, just the registration number.

It's an incredibly useful tool for people looking at buying a car and can give some useful information.

That's very useful when checking to see if a car you want to buy has a cloned reg plate - if the details come up of a completely different car, then you know 100% that its a fake and likely to have other issues, possibly serious ones such as it was stolen or a cut-and-shut car or some other write-off pretending to be otherwise.

Of all the information the registration and MOT data provides, I still think the most useful is the mileage at each MOT (though the new info as to who MOTed is very good, as [as others have said] you can contact the MOT station to verify they did the job and/or look up reviews [though not as many as I'd like by some way] about that station/dealer/garage to see if they have 'form' [e.g. poor customer service, which could indicate they fake MOTs]).

I was going for a walk the other day and saw an old Polo parked up with grass growing right next to the tyres at the road edge - it looked like the car hadn't moved very much over the last few years, and I looked it up, and it had only done 150 miles in the last 3 years (total!). The overall mileage was low (about 60k for a 20 year old car), but the lack of mileage in recent years would've put me off buying such a car given how many problems crop up on vehicles left outside and not used. A punter without such car history (never mind the service history) could've been fooled into believing it to be a regularly used car, even if for low mileage (which they may have found attractive).

MOT History Check - nellyjak

I've had my imported Toyota Estima 3 litre V6 4wd (active torque control) about 1.5 years years ago and I had the chance to test drive and check it out prior to actually buying it.

I was amazed at the overall condition, virtually "mint" and the underside was spotless and utterly free of the usual corrosion that you'd expect (and find) on a UK/Euro vehicle.

I would liken it to a 2 year old car you might buy in the UK..and it's 14 years old this year.!!

It was fully serviced /cam belt changed and MOT'd (with guaranteed no advisories..if anything is wrong they fix it)...AND it was then fully undersealed.

I love this beast and it went through it's MOT again this year...with NO advisories.!

It's been a totally issue and trouble free vehicle thus far...and rather like driving your lounge around..lol

I think they represent excellent value for money and there are no issues with parts etc..but I guess they are not for everyone.

People do see them as a bit of a "risk" but I think that's largely unfair.

I've certainly had no issues and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

MOT History Check - corax

nellyjak - where did you buy your Estima from?

MOT History Check - nellyjak

KV cars..Stockport..trading as ....alljapanesemotors.co.uk/

Kara runs the show with a good team.

Check out the testimonials...as a customer I can only agree with them all.

You will pay a FULL price..but IMO what you get in return is well worth it..and that includes a TWO year warranty.

I doubt you can find better service or product anywhere and should I ever need to buy again..then I shall be back there in a flash.

MOT History Check - corax

Thank you, much obliged.

MOT History Check - S40 Man

No salt in Japan is true. They all here winter tyres especially in the colder north where winters are very severe. It's close to Siberia.

MOT History Check - nico77


I've just been on the MoT history site and the Test Location seems to have disappeared now. Is this same for every one?


MOT History Check - nellyjak

Same here...no test location.

MOT History Check - Ian D
Same here, test station/location info now not shown.
MOT History Check - gordonbennet

Oh dear i do hope this is a temporary glitch, having thoser addresses made avoiding cars from Scotland (excess salt) easier.

MOT History Check - RichT54

It's possible that it's just temporary. The entry page (www.gov.uk/check-mot-history) has a list of the information provided and that list still includes "where the MOT was done".

When you start doing check it says its a BETA release and it gives you a chance to do a quick survey, so it might be worth doing the survey and indicating that the location information is not there.

Edit: or you could just use the 'Is there anything wrong with this page?' link at the bottom of the page.

Edited by RichT54 on 25/11/2017 at 18:41

MOT History Check - Galaxy

They are now saying on the MOT Test History website:

Test location unavailable until further notice

So, one does have to ask what on earth is going on?

Have the testing stations complained to VOSA about this information being made available online?

Have the motor traders complained that having this information available makes it too easy for potential customers to check the previous histories of the vehicles they happen to be selling?

Who knows!

Edited by Galaxy on 28/11/2017 at 14:22

MOT History Check - gordonbennet

They are now saying on the MOT Test History website:

Test location unavailable until further notice

Thats is not good news at all, as you say it made forming a history of a car over about 5 years old much easier.

MOT History Check - Andrew-T

They are now saying on the MOT Test History website:

Test location unavailable until further notice

I believe the whole thing is a beta-version at the moment, so it could be changing for some time yet?

MOT History Check - Dogfuzz

Yes indeed-complelely disapeared. Somone in the public sector alarmed about "something".?

MOT History Check - RT

Yes indeed-complelely disapeared. Somone in the public sector alarmed about "something".?

They've probably been threatened under Data Protection Act for disclosing MoT station details.

MOT History Check - Engineer Andy

Yes indeed-complelely disapeared. Somone in the public sector alarmed about "something".?

They've probably been threatened under Data Protection Act for disclosing MoT station details.

Especially if a particular testing station has either been seen to be either 'failing' many cars (possibly, but not necessarily, trying to drum up business) or 'passing' ones that are obviously unsafe. False bad publicity, even if they are honest (e.g. if a particular garage fails lots of cars, buy only because they are an independent and/or mainly take in much older cars because their servicing is far cheaper than main dealers) can be just as damaging to a reputation as actual bad publicity due to negligence, incompetence or fraud.

I suspect that if this (hopefully temporary) change occurred due to the moaning of, say, a major chain of garages or fast-fitters, then to some extent (at least, in my view) it would be a de-facto admission of guilt of failing cars to drum up trade, as some people have suggested in the past.

In the end, it may just be that some incorrect information has been included, so the DVLA/DVSA/whatever are just checking through all the data for any more errors. Let's wait and see.

MOT History Check - Getaway

I'd like to think this was all down to me. In one of the surveys after using the service, asked if there were any improvements that could be made, I suggested it would be useful to know the actual test centre, and sure enough a few weeks later there is was :-)

Hopefully it will return soon.

MOT History Check - Bromptonaut

I suspect some real data issues. Entirely possible the garages had not given full and informed consent to publishing. DP experts in DVLA point this out but management go ahead anyway only to have to back-track when data regulators get involved.

There were also issues with unnecessary and egregious comments under advisories relating to such things as driver's appearance, 'looks like Susan Boyle' was one reported elsewhere or attitude eg 'arrogant'. They might need to sort those out too....

Edited by Bromptonaut on 23/01/2018 at 22:08

MOT History Check - Ian D
When the MoT station address/details were removed I emailed the DVSA and received a reply that stated "Unfortunately this information is no longer in the public domain." so I think that's it for that useful feature.

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