Car for destroyer of cars - mab23

My GF seems to have the kiss of death on cars.

She currently has a Merc A class T reg which she bought 6 months ago for 8 grand. In that time it has had: (a) clutch failure at 45k miles (b) PAS pump failure (c) airbag failure and now (d) aircon failure. All other than (d) have been fixed under the dodgy dealer warranty but she's fed up with taking the car back to the garage every couple of months.

She has also in the past owned:

* a G reg Golf Mk II which had a leaky sunroof, stuttered on cold mornings, and needed several hundred quid of work to get through its MOT so was scrapped
* a R reg Astra where the engine went at 30k
* a Daihatsu Fourtrak which the propshaft fell out of

I don't think she has ever owned a car that has not had major terminal failure at some point. She spent the money on the Merc from a dealer because she thought that spending more money would get a more reliable car - this has patently not been the case.

She now has the opportunity to buy my father's X/00 Citroen Picasso which has done 6,000 miles and had a very easy life mostly in a warm garage. The Picasso has warranty until November, and the opportunity to buy a reduced warranty for another 2 years I think.

I know Picassos are highly regarded here but should someone with such a dire car history buy a French (=unreliable?) car which could have unknown problems from having done such low mileage?

What would backroomers recommend for a car destroyer?! All she wants is a car that won't break down!

Car for destroyer of cars - roscopervis
Maybe its her driving style that needs to be looked at or even go to a psychic to remove her bad 'energy'!

Just a joke of course, but maybe this is the car to set her on the road to reliable motoring. I read so many stories on forums of people who buy supposedly reliable brands that keep breaking prematurely then get a brand that is seen as generally less reliable and have years of motoring pleaure and remain die hard fans.

Maybe this is the car to do that for her?

Its a nice car, a nice drive and there are loads sold so spares or known faults should be easily remedied.
Car for destroyer of cars - DavidHM
Assuming neither she nor your father is the kind of person who doesn't believe in servicing and is then surprised when the engine goes pop at 75k, the car is cheap enough, AND you get the price of the warranty in advance, why not?

Picassos are so cheap new that, family or not, I wouldn't go above £7000 for an X plate, regardless of mileage and condition. Don't forget there's no point in paying a premium for a low miler to turn it into a high miler. If someone is willing to do that, you may do better to offoload it to him or her.

My father bought a four year old car with 18k on it and it was extremely unreliable, partly due to being a Rover, but mainly due to having only ever been driven cold. Oh and also make sure you know exactly what the warranty covers; it probably won't cover things like exhausts and clutches, which are likely to have a much reduced life in terms of mileage having been used so little (and probably so hard, over short journeys) with your father.
Car for destroyer of cars - glowplug
What about a 'Hummer'?


Car for destroyer of cars - kex
One simply answer....... Japanese !!!!!!!1
Car for destroyer of cars - Shortwing Rob

Nuff said?

Car for destroyer of cars - Dom F {P}

Methinks the Ferret will outlast her style of driving, but will other road users outlast HER in THAT???!!!
Car for destroyer of cars - CM
How about a diesel auto.

Auto should prevent clutch problems (if she rides the clutch) and I find that the lower rev cut off point \"protects\" the engine from excessive use.

more expensive
auto more thirsty


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