Speed Cameras - David Lacey
I read the on-going debate here with refernec to our beloved Gatso's with considerable interest. I have my own points of view - some cameras are placed in the most stupid and illogical places - obviously used a revenue generators.
I have a 'friend' in the force and he has passed to me an internal document which has proved quite interesting. It is a database of all speed camera convictions, upon keying in a registration number, it returns with any applicable camera evidence, giving speed, date etc.
It works because I entered our car's registration number and up came the offence when the other half went through the camera on the Toneway in Taunton @ 63mph in a 50mph zone.
The URL is>www.maxpower.co.uk/hacked/index.htm, enter the user name as bsmith, and use the password bill99


Re: Speed Cameras - Alwyn Davies
This is a hoax site. Are you aware of this?

Put any reg. number in and you will get a result.

Fear not; I fell for it too.
Re: Speed Cameras - Tim T
Ta for that, I didn't realise I'd been nicked by a camera, and it's got a picture too!
Re: Speed Cameras - Tom Shaw
I got caught by this one last year. Nice try David.
Speed Cameras - David Lacey
Damn and blast!! I thought I had one on you lot!!

I fell for it!

Ho hum better keep looking then.......
Re: Speed Cameras - Dai Watchalowski
laughed like the proverbial drain, catch a few out with this tee hee.
Re: Speed Cameras - Alyn Beattie
Well its nice to be abreast of things :-)

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