Anyone used Cyclops DSafety system? - RB
Apologies if this may have been covered before, but I was just wondering whether anyone has had much experience of using the Cyclops GPS-based Driver Safety system?

It appears to be a new way of "discovering" speed cameras and is all above board.

Does it do the job well and realistically?


Anyone used Cyclops DSafety system? - Dwight Van Driver
Ignoring the fact, if my memory serves me correct, in Greek mythology, Cyclops had one eye at the front of his head. To be alive to s************s etc you also need eyes in the back of your head.

From the site:

it appears to be no different than a number of other devices working on the GPS and data base principle with no apparent warning against K Band Hand Helds etc.

I, like many others I suspect, find it somewhat imcomprehensible that one would shell out between £200 - £400 for such a device when cars of today come already equipped with a functional speedo and information abounds as to what the various speed limits are.

A severe case of gizmoitis?


Anyone used Cyclops DSafety system? - smokie
I have had a Snooper GPS device for the past 4 weeks or so and am pleased with it. I have found 3 cameras not on the database (which requires regular update via phone) but you can enter them yourself so that you will get a notification, then upload it (I guess once it is verified they will add it to the database).

I imagine these devices are uch of a muchness. The one thing that wasn't made clear before I bought it was that there is a subscription cost for keeping it up to date. Worth checking.

btw I bought the Snooper radar and laser detectors but having done so I feel these are less useful for me personally.


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