wrong car, right car - caz
did anyone see wrong car, right car last night?

i particularly enjoy episodes when then test the more sportier cars. the guy had a bright purple tvr camera and was looking for a 35k car of a prestigiuos quality, he tried the new BMW, porsche 911, a ferrari, a jag xk8 and a number of others and in the end, still wasnt satisfied till he got another tvr.(sorry cant remember all names for them!)
personally, i would have taken the jag, at £36,500 and a convertible it possitively purred when he put his foot down, and it wasnt even supercharged.
But i was shocked when he said that maybe he would like to buy it when he was older as it wasnt his style. im only 19 and a jag xk8 convertible is what i hope to get when im in the money, am i just old fashioned in my preferences or is it each to his own?
obviously if i had even more cash, id love an aston martin db7 vantage or a vanquish but ill keep dreaming!
wrong car, right car - daveyjp
I\'m obviously an old git at 34 - Jag for me too!! Although I can see the attraction in the Tuscan, but then again I wouldn\'t discard the Audi A4 3.0 convertible. [snip]
wrong car, right car - caz

I can\'t be bothered to edit it.

Try it again without obscene and/or insulting language.

wrong car, right car - daveyjp
The bit that was snipped was a quote off the programme about BMW drivers and not one of mine.
wrong car, right car - Steve S
Missed it unfortunately. But I must confess to thinking of the XK8 as an older guy's car, which as I head into my forties is a bit of a worry!

It's all about opinions and I don't really know why but the E-Type was the last Jag that I felt fitted a younger profile.

Presumably the X Type was aimed at trying to get to younger people too, which is Jag's tacit admission that they don't appeal as much to the under fifties. Shame it's just too conventional to be worthy of Jag pedigree IMO.

Had I been faced with similar choices I'd have been looking at TVRs and maybe the Boxter S.

wrong car, right car - caz
yeah thats a point, they should have looked at option of boxter, one of my lecturers at uni has one and its rather nice.
the only thing ill always remember though is when j clarkson checked one out and parts keep going wrong and bits fell off, it was funny but has left me with a less than impressed view of the manufacture of the boxter.
wrong car, right car - PR {P}
It is each to their own when it comes to cars, but I confess I think Jags are more serene, meant for older people! (Im ONLY 28)
wrong car, right car - caz
your forum name is the name of my uni course.
that jag, especially a supercharged one isnt really serene, well at lest it doesnt sound like that. i guess part of the charm is the luxury of it, im aspiring to cream leather interior.
wrong car, right car - Rob the Bus

A good mate of mine who's 25 bought himself a 'P' plate XK8 six months ago. He is very impressed with the service from the garage (Jaguar House in Liverpool if we're allowed to plug companies) but he's disappointed to a certain degree with the car. He says that it does everything extremely well, but doesn't really excite him. Also, the fuel consumption is, according to him, pant-wettingly frightening. So much so that he often ends up using the J-reg Maestro auto he had before instead! Plus the quote of £1k+ for the next service (including cam-belt change to be fair) has had him reaching for the gin!

Having said all that though, I do keep dreaming up different ways of bumping him off (a la Wile E. Coyote) in order to get my mitts on the gorgeous machine!
wrong car, right car - volvoman
Hi Caz - nice to 'meet' you. I'm a bit older than you but I would have had the Jag no problem too.

The least appealing car for me was the Ferrari which looked great but, by the sound of it, felt like a supercharged skateboard to drive and had all the manoeuvrability of a barge.

Anyway, sadly, if you want a car like that I fear you're gonna need to make your money fast 'cos the way things are going, anything more powerful than a sewing machine will probably be illegal by the time your 30 !
wrong car, right car - caz
ah, dont spoil my hopes!
im one for fast cars, they cant all escape me!
when i get a job, ill get the jag 1st and live in it till i can afford a house too!
wrong car, right car - volvoman
Caz - sorry to be a prohet of doom but the way our council taxes are rising you'll probably have to live in your car anyway - you just won't be allowed to drive it!

Nice to hear the optimism of youth around here though !!
wrong car, right car - Andrew-T
Caz, I hope you find getting a job as easy as you seem to think. What will it be to get you a £36K Jag in a reasonable time?
wrong car, right car - Wally Zebon
I was laughing out loud when he drove the BMW. I can\'t remember his exact words but it equated to...

Nice car, but driven by

I\'d have picked the porker myself.

wrong car, right car - caz
i thought it was funny the way that the guys in the van were being hard nosed and business like when telling the guy what to say in the dealerships, but he kept messing it up and being really wimpy when it came to negotiating, the bald dudes face was a picture every time the guy faltered and said " er could you throw in the leather" and "em dont suppose you could raise that". classic.
wrong car, right car - PR {P}
My name is Public Relations! If you want fast on a budget (sort of) get yourself an Alfa 147 GTA Ive got a 156 GTA and its stonking!
wrong car, right car - caz
cool, well for now, ive just my first car and in true comprimising fashion with my parents its a standard 1.1 peugeot 106, (originally wanted a 106 quicksilver but was profusely denied). as long as it goes, (its a 98 so it should) then im happy. ill bear your suggestion in mind for the futre though.
wrong car, right car - PR {P}
oh well! I started in a 1.4 Fiat Tipo, so keep studying hard!
wrong car, right car - edisdead {P}
His heart wasn't in it, if he really wanted the porsche i reckon he would have pushed a bit harder. I can't imagine spending that sort of wedge on a car - does the odd £500 really make much of a difference when you're talking £35k? I would settle for the chimera ;-)

wrong car, right car - FFX-DM
I did not like the purple colour much, but for me it would be the Chimera before any of the rest, although I could force myself to drive the Jag! I cannot imagine why he would want to go from a car such as the Chimera to something as mass productionally bland as the Audi/Merc/BMW.

Ho hum, champagne taste, lemonade budget... back to the Citroen ZX, in reality I would be delighted if any of the above cars came my way (as a freebie)!
wrong car, right car - bernie
I have never driven a TVR so maybe my opinion is not valid,but they all look like kit cars of old.Remember ?,you got your rotten Ford Escort or whatever and salvaged the mechanicals and put them into the kitcar.

Dashboards all looked the same because they were just a slab of wood or metal with holes that held the instruments.

Yes just like the TVR.

Kings New Clothes ?
wrong car, right car - bartycrouch
A bit harsh, but judging from the problems a colleague had with his TVR, the can be very frustrating and expensive to own. It might be the shirt missing from your back - never mind the King's. At least the motoring press nowadays deal with quality and reliability issues more openly.

It wasn't hard to guess the TVR owner's all-time favourite car (AC Cobra) and you can't beat that noise!


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