Citroen dealers - Dan G
I bought an ex-demo Citroen Berlingo Multispace at the end of January and although I am more than happy with the car, I have found the dealer service incredibly poor. I struggled to arrange a date to pick-up the car, and when I arrived it wasn't ready. There is still a small problem which is unresolved, and now I've found out that the logbook wasn't sent to the DVLA and they can't find it at the dealership. I have rarely received a phone call from them, and am amazed they manage to sell cars at all !!

Is this just bad luck for me, or is there a problem with Citroen dealers ??
Citroen dealers - Miller
Going back a bit I know but 6 years ago I paid around 5k for a nearly new AX from my local dealer. After a week of ownership the radio/cassette refused to accept the code to operate, took it back expecting them to sort it out even though I knew it would not be covered by the warranty.

The same salesman who sold me the car told me there was a place a few miles down the road that would re-code it for me and it would "Only cost 40 quid". When I pointed out that perhaps the dealer should pay as a goodwill gesture as I had just spent 5k on the car a week previously he nearly had a heart attack and came out with the "Its not under warranty" line.

A threat of a letter of complaint to head office changed his mind and they stumped up for it, but for gods sake he risked any future business from me and anyone I cared to tell about this tale all for the sake of £40! No wonder they are discounting so heavily now to shift their cars!

I'm a loser, why don't you kill me?!
Citroen dealers - neil
Couldn't have had a more different experience with the dealer I use - did the deal at the right price, the car was well-presented (including, unasked, a set of FOC velour mats with the garage's name discreetly embroidered on them!)- and with 12months tax, though the deal was genuinely so tight I'd assumed they were talking 6 months! However, the salesman, as I collected it, said 'there's not much diesel in it mind' and I was about to whinge about this - when he continued 'so I've stuck a chitty for £25 worth on the passenger seat - just give it to the bloke at the Shell garage up the road and he'll put it on our account - sorry I haven't had time to go myself'. Very nice gesture!

They also have a courtesy car every time, charge decent rates and make a lot of effort - not always successfully, but they try hard. Nice people to do business with, I'll buy another because of them.

Citroen dealers - Humpy
Please, please tell me where!! Or if you can't, give me a clue!
Citroen dealers - DavidHM
I doubt the garage is going to sue the site for libel if someone gives a positive recommendation... As far as I understand the moderators' policy, it's nothing negative that identifies a garage or dealer by name, and no adverts for companies or products that are connected to the poster in some way. Other than that, name away. Of course, if anyone has any negative experiences of the same dealer, it would be tactful at least not to tack them on to the end of this thread...
Citroen dealers - Dan G
Sorry to go on (and on.. ), but my experience couldn't have been any different:

We were promised a tank of diesel and mats at cost. No diesel in the tank and no mats in stock (even thought they'd know for the last month that we were buying the car and we wanted mats). I don't have a problem with genuine mistakes and problems, but they just didn't care (and the person I'd made the original deal with had since left the dealership). To add to this, there was no instruction book / manual in the car, and after two weeks of pestering them to get me one (always being told 'it's on order sir', I went in and asked very politely (again) for one of the packs in the cars sat on the forecourt (and got it !). There are occassions when I believe certain people don't deserve to be in business - and this is one of them !

We'd bought the car with 1200 miles, and the 1000 mile check hadn't been carried-out. They delivered a courtesy car to us after arranging a date for the service, and the courtesy car had about half a litre of fuel in it.

Shall I go on ?

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