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Can anyone recommend an advanced driving instructor?
My daughter passed her test a year ago and is interested in getting some advanced tuition .I'd like to arrange it as a birthday present . She lives Sutton, SW London and it would prob need to be at a weekend.
Advanced driving instructor - Dwight Van Driver
A check of Driving Schools around your area may reveal one which can give Advance Instruction.

Local Plod Traffic Section may give accompanied assessments.


feed through the site and you may come up with your local group.
A years membership subscription will set her on the right lines.
Well done Dad for considering how to improve daughters driving.


You forgot the : that time. M.
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You really have (at least) three choices:

1. Places like BSM do their own courses to introduce motorway driving I think, which could help build her confidence up.

2. The Institute of Advanced Motorists should also have a presence in your area. I have never been to one, but I get the feeling that they have a (perhaps) unfair reputation for being solely for elderly gents with flat caps.

3. My own preference would be the ROSPA one, as these are taught (mainly) by acting or retired policemen from the traffic division. Perhaps the toughest out of the lot, but also the most valuable.

Try doing a google search on uk.rec.driving for a lot of material on this.

Hope this helps anyway and best of luck to your daughter.
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The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain has a list their members in all areas who specialise in advanced tuition. Phone on 0161-429 9669, or email:

Advanced driving instructor - Morris Ox
Think your assessment of the IAM is a wee bit unfair; all groups operate to a certain standard so whether they wear flat caps isn't really the point. Also, you'll tend to find a lot of traffic cops in and around IAM groups as well.

RoSPA's test is generally considered tougher than the IAM, and it may be a step too far to begin with.

For me IAM is a very sound, very cost-effective starting point.
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ROSPA have grades - Bronze, Silver and Gold I believe - that give a better measure of performance. ROSPA GOld is I think Grade 5 on the police standards. I also believe that you must be retested every few years by ROSPA if you want to remain a member whereas IAM is a one off test.
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Can you do IAM and then go on to do RoSPA as well?
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I don't see why not except that you have to pay and use your own valuable time to be tested. As to whether or not that is a good idea, maybe someone else more knowledgeable could comment. FWIW the IAM observer who gave me some lessons boasted he was ROSPA Gold standard. Hadn't taken the test though.
Advanced driving instructor - matt35 {P}

It is sometimes thought that a 'GOOD' IAM pass is equal to a RoSPA Silver grade.
RoSPA Gold is the peak for most drivers - it is a good target after the IAM as we do not stop learning!



IAM and Gold.
Advanced driving instructor - matt35 {P}
Our Group run courses at 9-30 am Sunday mornings but can arrange one-to -one drives almost any time...weekends or evenings.
There are Groups in;
Central London
Chichester and District
Guildford and District/
I suggest you look at for an outline of Group activities most of which are common to other Groups.
If she makes progress, we would guide her towards becoming an Observer and encourage her to go for RoSPA after getting some experience.
Your co-ordinator for the above area is Keith Cooper 01276-33202 - South London and South East England.


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