Obtaining keycodes for imports - No Do$h
Ok, I have a problem with the Alfa. There. I said it. :o(

The car was supplied with one coded key (in poor condition. It looks like Cerberus himself had a chew on it), with two new ones on order from the factory.

One key has turned up, but Alfa UK cannot or will not release the codes to activate the key. It seems that Alfa's process requires a master code to be entered into the Fiat/Alfa diagnostic system. The system can't interogate the existing key to obtain the codes as they are only used to active the key and are not stored on it.

Alfa UK state that as it is an Irish import, Alfa Eire should be contacted. Unfortunately they don't seem to keep the codes, as they issue a card with this information with the driver's pack (not issued in the UK at the request of the ABI). Typically, this card isn't in the drivers pack.

I should add that all the running around has been done by the supplying dealer (Alfa specialist but not franchised). They are tearing their hair out trying to get the codes but just keep hitting a brick wall.

Can anybody offer any advice or contacts where the codes could be obtained (on production of suitable proof of ownership)? The dodgy key is currently on it's fifth load of tape to hold it together.
Obtaining keycodes for imports - Dwight Van Driver
Have a look at


whilst they seem to deal with remotes you never know?.

Obtaining keycodes for imports - Dwight Van Driver
Blast forgot to put 3 vw\'s ahead of the reference.


Done. M.
Obtaining keycodes for imports - No Do$h
Thanks for the link DVD/Mark. Gave them a try but unfortunately mine has a rolling-code transponder which can't be interrogated from either the ECU or the remaining key. Makes the car damn near impossible to nick, but makes getting a replacement key a nightmare even with a UK car.

Obtaining keycodes for imports - Alfafan {P}
No Dosh
Don't know where you got your car, but Monza Sport in Cowfold, West Sussex do a lot of imports. They may be able to help. Just a thought.
Obtaining keycodes for imports - No Do$h
Good thinking. I will give them a bell tomorrow (running in ever decreasing here at the moment so it will have to wait) and see if they can help. If so I shall get my dealer to talk nicely to them and do whatever it takes to get the blessed code!
Obtaining keycodes for imports - kithmo
What happens if you don't use the spare key for a long time if you've got a rolling code transponder, does it not work, or do you have to use often to keep up with the rolling codes.?
Obtaining keycodes for imports - Steve G
I know that the early Master key system (code 1) on Alfa's can be cloned by most locksmiths (i have had a few done).
Unfortunately the 156 (IIRC JTD , No Dosh ?) has the code 2 system.It still might be worth trying a few locksmiths who deal will automotive keys, perhaps they have cracked the later system as well ?
Good Luck

LOL, its not the car thats gone wrong but the franchised dealer making a mistake how VERY Alfa. ;-)
Obtaining keycodes for imports - No Do$h
Spot-on Steve, it is the Code 2 system on a JTD.

In this instance it's not a franchised dealer. A very enthusiastic Alfa specialist who is frankly rather embarassed by this incident and is spending half the day on the 'phone trying to get the codes. But point taken, the local franchise couldn't give a monkey's, regardless of the huge amount they could (and doubtless would) charge for the info.

I shall 'phone a few locksmisths, but have been told by Alfa that this shouldn't work as it requires the locksmith to access the ECU and key simultaneously. Note the use of the word shouldn't
Obtaining keycodes for imports - Steve G
If you are in the south coast area (Dorset) a company called Autolock have cloned a few code 1 keys for me. Their Blandford branch have the latest equipment.
I believe the Alarm/remote locking part can be done seperately by Alfa without the need for master codes e.t.c

Obtaining keycodes for imports - No Do$h
Thanks Steve, I shall give them a call. I'm actually in Poole and bought the car in Shaftesbury, so Blandford is pretty much on my doorstep.
Obtaining keycodes for imports - No Do$h
Autolock have confirmed that the only way to do these is via Alfa Romeo. The Code 2 system has to have the factory code.

Obtaining keycodes for imports - Mark (RLBS)
Alfa Romeo Owners Club ? You\'d think they would know if anyone does....

Obtaining keycodes for imports - John S

I find this all incredible. I assume this is similar to the Vauxhall (and I'm sure other systems) where each car ECU has a unique PIN number for access. This allows the dealer and his computer to access the system, update software, programme it to accept new keys etc. This ECU code can't be obtained from a key, because the key doesn't carry it. Key 'cloning' simply creates a second key that the car ECU is already programmed to accept.

Because these ECU codes are available to the owners for other car makes, I reckon this business about the ABI 'not wanting this to be provided' is a smokescreen.

You don't say if you've tried a main dealer - it seems you've just tried Alfa UK. Maybe they won't deal directly with the public. Can't believe it makes any difference going to Alfa eire - I suspect they, like Alfa UK, would go to the factory in Italy for the information.

We all know these things get lost, and on proof of ownership any Vx dealer can get the owner the car code. I can't believe that A-R can't do the same. Are they seriously saying that even their authorised dealers can't have the information? Sorry, guv, can't fix your nearly new car because you've lost the PIN number, and Alfa won't give it to us, so we can't reset the ECU?

No wonder people are tearing their hair out, but I can't believe you're the only owner in this position. If the dealer can't help, how about a letter to the MD, Alfa-UK?


John S
Obtaining keycodes for imports - No Do$h
Sorry for the delay in posting,just started new job and now commuting to Reading from Poole each day......

Anyway, yup, tried Alfa main dealer. The bit about the ABI is actually printed in the handbook!

Un-blinking-believable. But when I get a few minutes will try AROC and emailing Alfa Ireland and Turin for a few ideas. Alfa UK simply DON'T want to know. Which I will remember when I get a replacement in 3 or 4 years and buy another import.


Obtaining keycodes for imports - KB.
Look in Motoring section of Exchange and Mart. (Haven't got one to hand myself, otherwise I'd look). I recall seeing a firm who specialise in everything to do with imports. From memory they do electronic mod's and insurance, particularly for Jap's but must be worth a call.

Obtaining keycodes for imports - No Do$h
Ta KB.

Will try and get myself onto the job properly this weekend and find somewhere that can help. Suffice to say if I find anywhere, the supplying dealer will be doing all the running around for me. They just don't know it yet (but I think they suspect something.....)



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