Tyre recommendations - Mutterer
I have a 94 Sunny 1.6 5 Door (Sorry about that).

The front tyres are due for replacement soon, the existing are 175/65 14H Michelin XH1.

Being a hard compound I find these give a harsh ride and are very noisy, can anybody recommend a quieter, smoother, replacement. Wear rates are less important as annual mileage is only about 6K p.a.

I have in mind Conti Ecocontact or Goodyear NCT, any other offers?

Ta ever so.
Tyre recommendations - Cyd
Ive just returned a hired Focus that had the Contis on - I thought they were noisey and soggy (though I've always thought Foci have excessive road noise no matter which tyres they came with). I've used NCT3s on previous cars and liked them, good grip in the wet, not too noisey , good ride and decent handling. So I would imagine that the NCT5s would retain these properties.
Tyre recommendations - Vansboy
Buy whatever reasonable, known brands are on offer at the fitters.
But get them put on the rear, rear switched to front.See previous, long posts about improved/safer braking, by doing this.
Tyre recommendations - Alfafan {P}
I always swear by Pirelli P6000s. Quiet ride, good grip, fair wear rates.
Tyre recommendations - Peter D
I prefer Goodyear NCT for all round performance and durability road noise is not a problem. Peter
Tyre recommendations - Andy P
This should give you an indication of what's available


Tyre recommendations - smokie
Anyone know if branded tyres are cheaper to have fitted in France, if so by about how much? I understand they are cheaper to buy in hypermarkets, also that exhausts are quite a bit cheaper.


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