vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

My son has tried to change the timing chain on my vivaro ,before removing the old one he marked everything up as it was and then replaced it but now its running its chugging any ideas

vauxhall - vivaro timing - hardway

What do you mean "marked" ?

That engine requires locking pins to change a chain.

Sounds like he has the timing out.

vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

Hi is it easy enough to get the timing right again as i have purchased the locking kit and will strip it down the weekend

vauxhall - vivaro timing - hardway

It's around a 5 hour job.

vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

0k i have it all stripped down again ,and im reading that you have to take off the inlet camshaft gear is that correct i really need to get this sorted out for the morning if possible even a phone call would be great i can ring bac straight away to save anyones cost .07971880409 trevor .

vauxhall - vivaro timing - hardway

According to my Auto data you remove both inlet and exhaust sprokets.

vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

Think its a big job for someone who aint got a clue ,so after looking on youtube i found a diagram and so far all is going well chain is back on and timing is all correct (I hope ) so when i get it back together tomorrow i will post on here again .Thanks for any help anyway

vauxhall - vivaro timing - hardway

Don't screw it up,

After the chain is fitted and tensioned turn the engine over BY HAND.

you don't want bent valves!!

vauxhall - vivaro timing - Railroad.

Valve timing is critical on any engine and there's only one way to do it, and that's the right way. You cannot get it right by putting paint marks on the pulleys. That's only slightly better than a good guess. Locking the shafts in the right place and correctly tensioning the belt/chain is the only way to get it right.

vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

All back together and running rough , all the timing was set correct so decided to check the injectors cos i had check injection on the dash before and it was back again so with the engine running i pulled the electrics out of each injector for a very short time and injector 4 made no difference in or out .so now have a guy coming tomorrow to remove it .

vauxhall - vivaro timing - hardway

Happy your progressing but for future reference DONT REMOVE INJECTOR WIRING CONNECTORS WHEN THE ENGINE IS RUNNINIG!!

That's just a good way to kill the ECU drivers.

Buy yourself one of those cheap OpCom code readers and scan it next time.

vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

Had a mechanic to pop in and take a look as its not running right ,he said to strip it down as the timing is out ,so i did then he came back and checked the cam shaft and followers and said they are fine he then put a piece of cable down to check the valves and said if one is bent the measurement will be different to the rest ,they were all the same so he said put it back together and get the timming done right so i did i used the pin in the front of the engine and also used the kit to line up the top then the chain went on and turned freely so put it back together and its the same pinking noise and smoke from the exhaust when reved up ,i have been asking around and people are saying bent valve .

vauxhall - vivaro timing - hardway

What I'd do at this stage is fit my "CYLINDER LEAK DOWN TESTER"

Cheap one on ebay for £30> or so.

What it does in conjunction with an air compressor is inject 100 psi of air into the glow plug hole and the gauge reads the cylinder holding pressure,

!00 in and 100 held = good cylinder,

Say 100 in and 60 held air can be heard hissing from say the tail pipe would mean a bent exhaust valve.

If it's coming from the air intake an inlet valve.

Really a definative test for an engine.

You will need some way of acessing either the injector hole or glow plug hole so an adapter will be needed.

But a very useful diagnostic tool.

vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

Ok cheers i will go and buy one to test it ,it starts up no probs but is mis firing and even the front wheel is jumping about ,when it was first done (wrong) i could here a pinking noise from no4 and that turned to a small knock so thats when we took it apart again .

vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

Hi i removed the head and sent it to heads up for a pressure test and it has 4 bent valves so they have given it a very fine skim and are sorting the valves out , then i need to find out the sequence of the head bolts .cheers trevor

vauxhall - vivaro timing - hardway

Start from the middle and initial 20nm (newton/meters)

once they're all at 20 nm it's tighten to 100 degrees then back to the center and tighten again to a further 100 degrees.

Center and working your way out in a circular pattern.

So you will need a degree adapter gauge.

And if you've never tightened to degrees you'll scare the s*** out of yourself doing it

You'll convince yourself your stripping the threads but they are streach bolts and it just feel scary.

I'll be honest and admit it still scares the crap out of me doing it.

vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

ok thanks for that ,the whole job cost is scary as well but too far in now so goto get it sorted ,hopefully picking up new bolts and the head tomorrow afternoone .

vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

Hi i got the head all back on and timing done with the kit ,starts up and sounds normal , took it for a run and it wont go over 30 while excelerating but very slowly picks up speed ,on the dash i have injection fault ,engine light , stop light and spanner , so took it to a garage and they said its not got any faults ,so took for a quick drive and unpluged air sensor on airbox and that made the engine worse so plugged it back in and put it back on the computer and i read air flow sensor and air temperature sensor , but surely thats because i unplugged it ,so not sure what to do now .

vauxhall - vivaro timing - hardway

I'm wondering what diagnostics the garage used?

Because an MIL lamp on means quite simply the ECU has detected a fault!!

I'd use "OpCom",

you can buy the disk and interface from Ebay for not a lot.

Provided you have a laptop to load it on to.

Meantime check the small diameter black hose from the vacuum pump that runs up to a solenoid bolted to the side of the battery box.

there's two solenoids there check the pipes on both and where on then runs down to the turbo.

This is the controlling vac' for the turbo operation.

And it sounds to me there's no turbo boost.

Your in this pretty deep so buy the "OpCom" from ebay or someone.

I've found this vehicle is only readable by genuine diagnostics so OpCom,TechII or Renaults can clip.

Others diagnostis sytems can give confusing results.

vauxhall - vivaro timing - plasterer

The garage i went to used a snapon to read it ,but i do have a guy coming out on thursday to look ,its so close to being finished now .cheers for your help


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