Megane gearbox/linkage problem - fraser
Megane 1.6 RTSport registered march 1999 77000 miles.

Recently my car has become clunky when selecting a gear (especially the lower ones). But yesterday I started having to physically force the car into gear. This all culminated with the car starting to jump out of 5th after decelerating then accelerating again.

When you accelerate in 5th, there is a noticable movement of over an inch on the gearstick (towards the rear of the vehicle) which appears to force the gearstick out of gear. There is movement in the other gears but not as noticable.

Checked the haynes manual which said that the likley problems were either the syncro or hopefully the gear linkage.

Has anybody had any experience with this fault?


Megane gearbox/linkage problem - RichardW

No specific experience, but the big movement in 5th going from drive to overrun suggests that an engine mounting had give up the fight, and the whole lot is floating about. If it has moved so that the linkages are strained, then this will account for the difficulty in engaging gears.

Megane gearbox/linkage problem - fraser
Thanks for your comments Richard. I thought that as well, but i gave the engine a good thrashing with the bonnet up last night (upto 4500rpm), and saw no noticable engine movement. As there is difficulty in selecting gears on tickover I thought it was more that a mounting problem. I have also just checked the gear selection with the engine off and it still has trouble engaging the gears.


Megane gearbox/linkage problem - M.M

A badly seized gear linkage joint will do this and I've seen it loads. Many would advise a new transmission and happen to lubricate the linkage at the same time so you'd never know!

If you can think of a seized bush then when you go on and off the power instead of the gearchange joints absorbing the movement they will either jerk the lever about, or in a worse case pull it right out of gear.

Of course it could turn out to be a gearbox fault in the end but have a good look at this aspect first.

Megane gearbox/linkage problem - pmh
Not Megane specific, but if you suspect the engine mounts, try getting somebody to pull away while you carefully put your head under the bonnet. Try it in both 1st and reverse!
RPM alone will not show up engine mount movement, accn or deaccn might.

If the mounts have allowed engine to move this could account for poor gear selection at rest anyway.

Failing that look for seized or tight joints in mechanism.

pmh (was peter)

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