Obscuring Number Plates - Yoby
I saw a car parked in Central London yesterday with its rear number plate covered up and its front number plate right up against the wall of a building. The car was parked on a pavement type area. I have also seen mopeds parked with their rear number plates covered (often on pavements). I have heard that there is a ruse like this for not getting a parking ticket as parking wardens are not allowed to 'interfere' with vehicles, but surely all they need do is look at the tax disk (unless of course that has been cleverly obscured too!).

Any comments on this? And do people get away with it? Y
Obscuring Number Plates - Dynamic Dave
Yes indeed - the bikers also cover up their tax discs. James Allen did an article on it the other evening on TV's Pulling Power.
Obscuring Number Plates - Stargazer {P}
Agree that traffic wardens are not allowed to interfere with a vehicle, but could it also be congestion charging avoidance?

Ian L.
Obscuring Number Plates - Mark (RLBS)
Now, you'd have to think that if the tax disc was hidden that would amount to "failing to display........."
Obscuring Number Plates - DavidHM
Maybe so, but are they allowed to 'interfere' with the vehicle to do so?

If not, and the number plates are obscured, they can't exactly prosecute the owner of the black Honda Civic parked off Chancery Lane can they? You know, the one with the Garfield in the back window?
Obscuring Number Plates - Mark (RLBS)
I suspect that they can tow it though.
Obscuring Number Plates - peterb
Just lately I've noticed a few cars in North London with grey patches in middle fo the the rear number plate. Is this an anti-CC/scamera tactic?
Obscuring Number Plates - FergusTheDog
Just buy a junk bike carrier from Halfords and hang a few mountain bikes on the back to really obscure the rear plate, and the lights but who cares about that?

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