New Ford F150 Truck - sukey22
I am interested in buying a 2004 Ford F150 Truck. I know that they are not available until September of this year. Does anyone know of any importers of new American cars into the UK?
New Ford F150 Truck - Kevin

Try Bauer Millet ( ) in Manchester.

I\'ve never bought a vehicle from them but I\'ve been using them for spares and service items for the last few years with no complaints whatsoever.

They have a few 2003 F150s in stock at the moment, including a rather nice Harley Limited Edition and a few Lightnings. I\'m sure they\'ll order a 2004 model for you.

New Ford F150 Truck - THe Growler
Get the HD LImited Edition. Got one on order. It's a beauty.
New Ford F150 Truck - sukey22
Who have you ordered it from and what are you paying for it?
New Ford F150 Truck - THe Growler
Sorry Sukey I'm in Asia. My guide price from Ford is around USD30k but that will depend on currency fluctuations and exchange rates when it shows up. Not much help to you! Lovely piece of kit, tho'.
New Ford F150 Truck - sukey22
Thanks Kevin. Have sent an e-mail to Bauer Millett.

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