Air conditioning - Jonathan
I have a mazda mx6 which as far as I am aware doesn't have ac. When I was checking under the bonnet tonight, I saw a black cylinder to the rear of the engine on the near side. I am not very mechanically minded but it looks suspiciously like the condenser unit found on the back of fridges.

The car has an ac button which you can press in and out, but the light doesn;t work. There is also a space for an ac relay, but no relay.

Does anyone know if it is likely that an ac unit was fitted, but no relay (ie, to purchase ac, just fit the relay) Or is this thing something completely innocent?

If it is the former, I would obviously need to recharge the unit, but would it be knackered (7 yrs old)?

I just thought I would ask, as we are expecting a two week heatwave, and the car gets bloody hot.


Re: Air conditioning - Jonathan
oops should have said compressor, not condensor
Re: Air conditioning - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd)
Sorry to disappoint you but it is the charcoal canister to control evaporated petrol from the fuel tank.
Re: Air conditioning - Jonathan
Re: Air conditioning - Tom Shaw
The little winder on the inside of the door panel is the best air-con I've ever used, and it doesn't hit the cars performance for six.
Re: Air conditioning - Stuart B
Tom Shaw wrote:
> The little winder on the inside of the door panel is the best
> air-con I've ever used, and it doesn't hit the cars
> performance for six.

But the extra drag costs more in fuel than the aircon.... allegedly, though at low speeds you are quite right Tom.

On the other hand it is nicer to drive around in the fresh air with the smell of fresh hay rather than drag your own miserable cold day around with you.

Cue for a post from a tractor driver.......?
Air conditioning & Hay. - David Woollard
I'm at the point in the haymaking season where the pressure to complete in good weather, smell of diesel on boots, grease on hands and dust everywhere just start to grate. And if I have to lift another bale........

The idyllic notion is replaced by this reality every year at this stage. Great for onlookers though who just have a free smell and avoid the effort.

Re: Air conditioning - Dave N
Check to see if it has a 'real' condenser, about the size and appearance of the radiator, and positioned in front of the rediator.
Re: Air conditioning - Jonathan
Ever tried listening to the Archers on a motorway with the window open?

Not easy

Re: Air conditioning - Tom Shaw
Theres no answer to that.
Re: Air conditioning & Hay Ho - Dai Watchalowski
That's why I went into the motor trade -- air conditioned office, smell of cofee and polish,,,, and watching other people work !
Re: Air conditioning & Hay Ho - Alvin Booth
just been watching the haymaking round Carsington Resovoir and really envying you fellas.
Now youv'e gone and spoilt it all.
And I had visions of comely wenches on tops of haystacks back at the ranch with lusty young farmers.
I don't want to join now....


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